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Using Your Body Language Cultivating the Right Personality Choosing a Seductive Style Community Q&A If you want to get someone's sexual or romantic attention, being seductive can help.

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On Monday, a woman named Darlene took to Facebook to thank its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg for creating a platform that helped her to reconnect with old friends, family and classmates.

In addition to her gratitude, Darlene dished out what she thought was a compliment to the new father of a baby girl, announcing that she tells her granddaughters that they should “date the nerd in school” because he may turn out to be successful like the Facebook genius.

With every little word and gesture being analysed, not knowing what to say, and your self-doubt nagging at you, it can be tough.

But I’m here to share a little advice – one tip that anyone can use in almost any conversation which can really save you in a tight spot.

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All you have to do is wait for the following cue and then just repeat what I’m about to share.

I promise it won’t fail to impress that special someone. THEM: “So, tell me a bit about yourself.” YOU: “My favourite movie is The Matrix.

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