Who is maria dating in coronation street

Viewers had expected Maria to be let off for the crime, while others said she isn't tough enough to survive prison.

That is, until Tyrone realised, inexplicably, that he couldn’t resist unlikely temptress, Fiz Brown.

Toyah is Janice Battersby's daughter and Leanne's step-sister. Toyah was on the show until 2003 and during that time she... developed a crush on her neighbour, Spider, who introduced her to environmentalism, as well as the occasional cannabis joint.

It was Spider who helped Toyah save Theresa the turkey from the Battersbys' dinner table at Christmas.

Despite the fact that Maria had an abortion, Toyah couldn't handle John's infidelity and left for a new life in Sheffield, before reconciling with her ex-boyfriend Spider Nugent and moving to London with him, as he had started his own juice company there.

Regular Blog readers will know I'm a huge fan of Spider and I do hope that Toyah's return might herald the return of Spider too. Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Download our free App | Visit NEW!

"But producers are bringing her back earlier than planned, and she’ll be back on screens within weeks."Maria was in trouble with the police when villainous Caz Hammond went missing and Maria was framed for the murder.

When she was talking to the police, she confessed to marrying Pablo so he could stay in the country.

Toyah became very enthusiastic about the "eco-warrior" lifestyle; so much so that she poured anti-freeze all over the freezers in a grocery store while protesting the sale of prawns.

After the ordeal, Toyah returned to college and moved in with Fiz Brown and Maria Sutherland in the flat above the hairdressers' and tried to move on with her life. Toyah then started dating one of her former professors, John Arnley, in 2002.

She had stolen the show with her elegant appearance at the British Soap Awards the previous evening.

But Brooke Vincent seemed more in the mood to let her hair down on Sunday, as she celebrated her 25th birthday with a number of high profile friends in Manchester.

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