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The Society of Genealogists is delighted to announce that the Government has accepted an amendment to the Deregulation Bill currently going before the House of Lords that allows for the publication of information from Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates in England and Wales to be issued otherwise than in the form of a certified copy.

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It will provide the Secretary of State with the power to lay regulations to define how a person may access these records, the type of product that can be issued, how the record is to be provided and the amount of fee payable.

Else Churchill, Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists says “Having worked for over 15 years to reform the GRO system and to gain better access to this vital information for family historians in non-certified form I am delighted that the Government has at last paved the way for a more efficient and cost effective service encompassing modern technology.” 33A: After Clause 79, insert the following new Clause— “Information contained in entries of births and deaths (1) The Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 is amended as follows.

(2) After section 34 (entry in register as evidence of birth or death) insert— “34A Searches and records of information: additional provision (1) The Minister may make regulations for the purpose of enabling the Registrar General— (a) to carry out, on request, a search to find out whether the Registrar General’s certified copies contain a particular entry; (b) to provide, on request, a record of information contained in an entry in the Registrar General’s certified copies, otherwise than in the form of a certified copy.

While there are several large churches that have a singles pastor or director and are doing a great job in reaching and growing single adults, most churches do not.

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Medicare pays for many — but not all — of the health care services you need.

When you review your quarterly Part A or Part B Medicare Summary Notice, you may see claims made by a provider, facility or supplier that Medicare did not pay.

It would accept that any change to the current product and services could not happen immediately; there would need to be a full analysis of the options for implementation, decisions around funding and consultation with key stakeholders. However, the clause lifts those legislative restrictions that have tied the Government’s hands in this area for many years and this is a major step forward to greater and more flexible access.

The Society of Genealogists looks forward to the consultations ahead and to working with the Home Office to ensure that the General Register Office is now free to see how it can best serve the needs of the family history community.

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