What do dating couples fight about

Helen: On one of our first dates, Harville told me he wanted to write a book about why couples fight.

He was exploring why couples who are drawn together and think they’re in love end up being each other’s worst enemies.

If fears are not expected, looked at and healed, they interfere in some way or another with the health of every relationship.We were both divorced, and I was mesmerized by the idea.The answer to this question is so important and significant for our well-being.I don’t think there was ever a decision to “do this together,” it just emerged out of our relationship.In 1979 we named it Imago Relationship Therapy, in 1982 we got married, and in 1988 came out.Carol: How did you come to create Imago Relationship Therapy together?Did it happen because of your relationship or along with it?But we’re intrinsically tighter than women, and view blowing money on heating as a frivolous waste of financial resources which would be better directed towards essentials such as vintage Action Men, rare vinyl and £16 beard oil.To our eternal shame as a sex, it’s been reported that as many as two thirds of browbeaten men let their wives dress them of a morning (by which I mean choose the clothes in their wardrobe, rather than literally dress them, like toddlers). Some 44 per cent of women admit to switching the heating on when their partners are not looking, and 39 per cent turn it up. Psychologists claim it is because women have twice as many temperature sensors in their skin.Men don't like the cold either, and not just because there's a direct corrolation between chilly weather and shrunken appendages.

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