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I would go as far as 1400 miles under the right circumstances but, I tell you, that for the adventurous there are some amazing things about natural Kansas to experience other than the flat lands of our western half which is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain High State. So, if you like long weekends in the wilderness with benefits, then get in touch. Adult Bookstores/Theaters I just love glory holes, first time I actually sucked a cock was in a book store.

Next I would recommend some postings in your state forums..... Honey (Gratis) not Vinegar (Payments) makes people come, stay, particiapte, give new IP Addies for ads (Revunues), and saty a lot longer ( More Ad Revenues..) why not have a Zillion FREE Non Paying Membership CHAT Rooms? Since admittedly you are picky about your partners so are most others......

If only to insure the SOB doesn’t harm anyone else. I believe the state has an obligation to help it’s citizens and I believe in limiting immigration. I’m an American of Italian descent, NOT an Italian-American. The only taboos I have are about bondage/pain/scat/piss/ blood/ force/ rape play/ etc. PS I’m a Bi bottom versatile with a talented tongue PPS I know I look horrid in lingerie, but I do like the way it makes me feel. l lift weights and ride a mountain bike and try to eat right.

If you look at some people and say “WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!! Sexually I'm a bi-curious guy interested in exploring sex with a guy or couple (M/M). I'm looking for people who can be discreet because I don’t want to broadcast my predilections and let my family know what I’m about.

If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. If you Michiganians (OK -- Michiganders) are wondering why I am surfing your profiles and sending winks, I will be visiting Western Michigan for two weeks in mid-July, 2015. We would determine who is the active (male) energy and who is the receptive (female) energy quite quickly.

I believe in education, not legislation, to correct many of the ills in our society. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and believe in woman’s rights. I’m an amateur scientist, yet believe in the paranormal and esoteric. Not because it takes jobs, but because, even as great as our country is, our resources are limited. These are just a few of the many topics I hold contrary views on. I don't just accept slogans, or ideologies without really researching and studying them. NOTICE: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. Sex is about the tension of opposites, just like the Yin Yang symbol illustrates.

Most folks want to get to know you before they lay down.... Believe me there are SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE IN THE CHAT ROOMS!!!! Thoughts and ideas for what youd like at the party please let me know....looking at having the party around the end of the month or first weekend Alright Missing my first words of advice is to finish your profile.... One of the biggest keys here is information...all want to know who we are potentially going to be friends and possibly playmates with. It gives others a little more to make decisions with. I understand the discretion factor, but you ALWAYS have the option to keep the pictures in the pin protected folder.

Char has suggested to Pattie maybe multiple ID's for Couples. If anyone is interested please post and send me mail... There are truly some great people on this sight!!!!

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