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for this instructable you will need: Android smartphone(i have the vodafone 845 but as long as you are running android 2.0 up to 2.2 this will work for you) internet connection internet connection on your phone acces to the android market Right lets get started: On your Android smartphone go to the android market and search for "droidcam"(use wifi if possible) Wile you wait for droidcam to download and install on you mobile go to your browser on your pc (firefox, internet explorer, etc) and type in download the droidcam for your pc (works with windows and linux only) by this time droidcam should be finished downloaded (and installed) to your mobile and pc so just enable the wifi on your phone and open droidcam on your pc. right here is my promised update about the usb wifi/LAN on your pc if not already selected, open the droidcam on your phone aswell and type the ip adress givin on the phone in the empty space on droidcam on your pc. download android jdk the sdk (the zip version) and if u do not have the jre(java runtime enviroment) download it here may take a while to download especially the sdk and jdk they are BIG!!!It's also a perfect baby monitor, spycam, security camera and pet cam.Setting up Epoc Cam is very simple, anyone can do it.

Various options are available on the screen to give you the choice about the image quality. If you want to know more information, please contact the customer service. *Expedited shipping can not be used for PO Box addresses In addition, the transit time depends on where you're located and where your package comes from. UPDATE: I purchased the 5.99 version (red HD version) and the devs have not updated it since 2014 - it's now January 2016! - Upon installing the drivers, Norton Security removed the files as "Trojans" don't freak. Also, Windows 7 requires digital signatures on the software you install. After install, just open the app on your phone, open the software on your computer, make sure both devices are connected to the same network and you're good!right here is my promised update about the usb connection.Just download drivers to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Anyone can install it." Install required Windows or Mac OS X drivers from You may also like our Kinoni Barcode Reader app, it turns your i Phone into barcode scanner.Connection is fully automatic, no need for manual setup. Scan a barcode with i Phone camera and the data is immediately sent to your computer - just like using USB barcode scanner.Due to its clear instruction, the software will guide you step by step for the installation. Video quality: 1.3 Megapixels for good sound and image quality.High quality of images is guaranteed either for video or photography due to the software high resolution.install these stuff you downloaded(it may take a while to download) when u install the android sdk choose only the android SDK platform tools as seen in the picture.wile this is installing plug your phone's usb cable into the computer and phone and install the pc suite if u haven't allready. Now go to command prompt and get root access for those who don't know type in cd\ now type the path of where u installed the sdk mine is C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb that is the path u should enter in command prompt.

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