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He’s the real-life version of Will Smith’s character in the romantic comedy “Hitch,” a professional dating coach who charges a four-figure fee to teach men how to flirt.But if you’re hoping for instant results, you’d better think twice before handing your hard-earned cash to Chris Manak.“In France or Italy, I would be out of a job, because they have such an open, seductive culture.“In Australia, you can go to a personal trainer to get fit, or see a financial planner, but in this area, we’re just supposed to have it sorted out — and if you don’t, you’re a loser.” An “approach” is dating coach terminology for chatting up a girl, while “closing” is the term for when you seal the deal by securing a phone number, a kiss or more.Jordan Harbinger, a dating coach based in Los Angeles, wanted to give a talk at the hacker convention Def Con.He was in his living room chatting with two clients who happen to work for a massive defense corporation that contracts with the US military when the pair started blabbing about their top secret projects.Hunt Ethridge is an award-winning dating and relationship expert with over a decade of experience helping people become the best, most dateable versions of themselves.While the focus of his coaching is on making someone empirically more dateable, the lessons learned translate very easily into personal and professional lives.

But what happens when an attractive man or woman friends them on Facebook, asking for career advice and wondering what they’re working on?“I’d finish work and go into the city, and force myself to do one approach and go home,” he said.“Consistently over time, you just get better at it.” That was seven years ago, and now Manak has seduced so many women, he sometimes finds himself in awkward situations while out in the field with clients.He was recently voted the #1 Male Dating Expert in the country at the 2016 US Dating Awards.Current Partnerships: Matchmakers In The City – Beverly Hills, San Fransisco, New York City – New York City Relationship Consultant Known for matchmaking the “who’s who” of Hollywood, the Conti sisters are the founders and Executive Matchmakers at Matchmakers In The City (formerly Matching Up), an internationally recognized personal matchmaking company and mobile App headquartered in the heart of Beverly Hills.That gave Harbinger an idea for an experiment in social engineering, the dark art of influencing people to act against their own interest: what would it take for a defense contractor to reveal classified information to a total stranger? Harbinger succeeded in getting contractors with top secret security clearances to reveal details of what they were working on, as well as enough personal information to access their bank accounts, credit card statements, and cell phone records.He spent fewer than 10 hours total on the project spread over a few weeks.The emphasis is on confidence building, leadership, image & style, conversation skills, reconnecting with fun and more.He has founded 3 dating companies including the International Dating Coach Association which serves to educate and certify dating coaches and has members all across the globe.The website showcased the hottest bachelors and bachelorettes as voted on by the members of the site.Everyone now had the chance to meet their Dream Bachelor or Bachelorette without going on a reality TV show.

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