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The Federal Rules of Evidence require a digital time stamp and digital signature to prove the authenticity and integrity of electronic files presented in court.

The Subrecipient Monitoring Plan Tools are provided to help DPH programs develop a Subrecipient Monitoring Plan (if required by federal, state, and departmental policy), and to provide information to help monitor contracts effectively. If you do not have a Records Retention & Disposition Schedule, you must develop one.

What if all your historical records were digitized?

Doesn’t this sound like the proper tech savvy way to manage valuable records for the indefinite future?

143C-7-1) to notify the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) of all applications made for grant funds and/or other funds that require an application.

The following tools may be used and/or modified to suit the purpose of your program's specific plan. 123-3, you may only destroy public records with the consent of the Department of Cultural Resources. Complete the “Public Records Series Listing” form and return to the State Records Center. Schedules should be reviewed annually and inventory records.

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Many times records become inactive when they reach their cut-off as defined on a Records Retention Schedule., it is time to start monitoring the retention period and possibly moving the information to inactive storage to free up office space, or a special folder in your email or on your I: Drive.

Inactive paper storage could either be on-site in the building or off-site at the University Records Center.

Active records are documents which are still actively being used by an office.

They are usually referenced on a daily or monthly basis.

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