Updating packages in texshop


Within Te XShop you can choose the "Show Help for Package" item from the Help menu and enter your package name.

(Or make a simple document that loads the package to see if it doesn't exist.) If the package doesn't exist, then this answer: ).

Unfortunately on OS 10.7 and above, the user Library folder is typically hidden from view.

It is, however, easy to access it through the Finder's Go menu: hold down the Option key while choosing the Go menu, and the local Library folder will appear in the list.

Basic Te X was designed for easy download by users with limited download speed. It contains all of the standard tools needed to write Te X documents, including Te X, La Te X, pdf Te X, Meta Font, dvips, Meta Post, and Xe Te X.

Once the current year is frozen, it will never be able to be further updated.Te XShop is a front end to Te X and La Te X, but when Te XShop typesets, it calls command line programs in an underlying Te X distribution. The Te X distribution contains the actual typesetting programs by Knuth and others, various fonts used by Te X, and a vast array of support style files and other auxiliary files.A small distribution adequate for beginners is available by going to The first question you should ask is whether the package you are trying to install is already installed on your system.If you are using Mac Te X as your distribution (which you probably are) then most packages are already available. It is important to understand that for Te X Live these two parts of the distribution are effectively on separate update schedules, and this can lead to some confusion during the period in which the major updates of binaries is taking place.The Te X Live updates for the previous years are no longer available. Te XLive 2011, you can update its packages roughly until Te XLive 2012 is created.After that point, your 2011 system will not be able to update any packages ever again using the normal package manager.(You can update individual packages manually via CTAN, of course.) The major binary updates of Te X Live (which come out yearly) must be installed as if you were installing a fresh distribution.The latest version of Te XShop requires Mavericks, El Capitan, or Yosemite.See the bottom of this page for version 3.62 if you are running Lion or Mountain Lion.

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