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Tim has run several statewide political initiatives and candidate campaigns, and has consulted in crisis communications with Premera Blue Cross.In addition, Tim brings Sound Counsel extensive experience in working effectively with social media.

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They chortle and gasp, ‘Let’s see your crack,’ and, ‘I can tell yours is rising,’ as lewd as Frankie Howerd doing the voiceover for a blue movie. When he stands at the front of the Bake Off tent, surveying the apprehensive cooks, he tucks his fingertips into his jeans and flexes his knees, like John Wayne pretending not to be a cowboy.A family programme that glorifies crime and high-speed driving: whose clever idea was that, then?These levels of expertise far outstrip previous years.Later, he paid her back coldly, with brutal criticism of her use of melted chocolate and a crushing assessment of her shortbread: ‘The flavours are muddled up inside.’ Marie looked like he’d chucked a bucket of ice water over her. The only person permitted to see his twinkle is Mary Berry.There’s a genuine affection between them and with her he can relax, knowing his wolfish chuckle won’t be taken the wrong way. Jeremy Clarkson and chums have left the BBC building, but Auntie still owns the rights to The Stig, who will host his own Saturday night gameshow, The Getaway Car.I got most of the images (HEAVILY and PAINSTAKINGLY modified and customized by me) from Twinkle Revue, but I don't speak Japanese, and I couldn't find any articles on it, so I kind of had to reinvent the whole story/game/characters (that's why it's named 'part 2').The original soundtrack is awesome, but I wanted to showcase some of the abundant musical talent that can be found here on newgrounds, so I changed it.Ginger Dressup Originally Posted by Hexen Scarlet- 1,000 Days - ududlrlrbaslctstrt............10 Flowers 100 Days - scarletsilkstalkings............Twinkle Revue: Sim Date 2 is a fan-made flash game in the "virtual date" genre.Vice President Michael brings more than 30 years of extensive, hands-on experience to Sound Counsel, including more than nine years leading crisis communications at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the world’s second-largest global cruise vacation company. He’s worked for high profile elected officials, organizations and corporations.He also led Royal Caribbean’s office of Corporate Communications. He’s worked in government & public affairs, including as the council liaison for the Mayor of Seattle.

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