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I couldn't get up and leave because I was hooked to an IV!After the donation was over we went through a fast food drive-thru and got some sandwiches and then a case of beer.

(Use the "Scary Fiction" section for fiction stories) Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page... Okay first of all I want to start by saying no negative comments.

Aside from the rush of fear we get reading a chilling tale, there's an even deeper, often subconscious, connection to mythology involved. Our fear can protect us from danger, but it can also haunt us in the middle of the night.

A good story can inspire the same adrenaline rush in us that a real experience would.

I felt better for a month then spiraled downwards fast. Begged to go to Boston, he only ran more blood tests. So over 16 years after me presenting with the very scary symptoms, and making plans to gradually leave work due to sickness (at the age of 34), I finally got diagnosed. My entire GI tract BURNED from mouth to rectum and even water burned doing down.

Homeopath tests came back positive for 30/40 different food allergies. From late 2007-late 2010, I tried to find out why I was in so much debilitating pain and dropping weight so quickly. One doctor told me “congratulations on your weight loss”.

Stripped of its Christmas trappings, A Christmas Carol is a classic gothic ghost story.

What has been forgotten, is that ghost stories on Christmas Eve are as traditional as a Christmas goose.

Philipsburg Manor in Winter, Sleepy Hollow, New York “When I returned to the drawing-room, I found the company seated around the fire, listening to the parson, who was deeply ensconced in a high-backed oaken chair, the work of some cunning artificer of yore, which had been brought from the library for his particular accommodation.

From this venerable piece of furniture, with which his shadowy figure and dark weazen face so admirably accorded, he was dealing forth strange accounts of popular superstitions and legends of the surrounding country, with which he had become acquainted in the course of his antiquarian researches.” , From The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., 1819, Washington Irving A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens in 1843, appeared fairly early in the Victorian era.

The beauty is, though, that the experience doesn't have to be direct.

Aside from our instincts, the only other way we learn fear is through experience.

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