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So one day as I was going through my favorites I came across a screen that I had never seen before.

So I immediatly called and told the person about it.

is a new online dating service that promises to take a tough approach in weeding out criminals and married people.

It conducts criminal background and marital status checks on all new members.

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states that it has considered but rejected the idea of conducting criminal background checks because national criminal databases are incomplete and criminals can avoid detection by signing up with a fake identity.Vest reports 16 million total members, as of May 2007[11] but it is unclear how many of them are actual paying or active members.Of that, an independent analysis shows an estimated 3.8 million unique visits to the site per month [12].The pace of contemporary is so frantic that people just don't have time for their personal lives.Real-life dating is pretty time-consuming that is why more and more men and women resort to online dating.Partly because of its ad campaign, True has become, in only four years since its founding, one of the most visited sites in the online dating industry, according to "Bits" blog reported that an executive at a major Internet company said that True is delinquent on its advertising payments on his and other websites and has had to cut back on advertising as a result.True has lobbied state lawmakers in favor of legislation requiring online dating services to disclose whether or not they conduct background checks.True advertises aggressively online and spent .2 million in online advertising from January to November 2006, more than any other online dating service.True's ads vary in theme and often feature provocatively dressed women with sex-themed taglines such as "It's nice to be naughty." These ads are particularly prevalent on My Space.In 2004 the domain name was purchased and the company changed its name.True is known for its strict policies regarding background checks, which are used to ensure that members are not felons or married.

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