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I look forward to sharing my love for dance and the performing arts with your family. She is a graduate of Wright State University and national member of Dance Masters of America.

Before moving to TN with her husband Doug and two children Christy owned a successful dance studio in Dayton, OH.

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Dating goes gray As the baby boom generation ages and once-married boomers become single again, they increasingly are turning to the Web in search of dates.

She has put her life, not to mention her job, on the line structuring an arts program and also teaches many of the dance classes.

Stacy started as a teenager teaching at a dance studio and since then she has enjoyed every minute of teaching.

"There's creepy people out there," says April, a medical coder from Lena, Illinois.

"Online, they are complete strangers, and they can lie to you about anything and everything." Plus, she points out, her mother "hadn't dated in years and years and years." Susan eventually quit online dating -- after too many miscues with men who, indeed, were not who they portrayed themselves to be -- and joined a singles club.

Even though the arts have been shown to effectively benefit kids’ learning, schools often don’t have any choice but to cut them from the curriculum because of budget constraints.

According to Child Trends Data Bank, the proportion of eighth-grade students involved in school music or other performing arts declined from 1991 to 2010.

Over the last 9 years in Smyrna our studio has grown by leaps and bounds.

"Dance With Stacey" aspires to be a place where studenet and parents alike feel appreciated.

Kirby teaches, she says grit is one of the most important."When you fight and win, you're more prepared for life, college and your job than are all of those other kids (who didn't struggle)."Multiple students at Athens High School say Ms. You want to make her proud," said student, Aniya Harris."Ms.

and that's the lessons of how to be a good person," said Ms.

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