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The first recorded use of the word was in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

Chaucer wrote, "Why is thy lord so sluttish, I thee pray, And is of power better clothes to bey." He is referring to the man's untidy appearance.

Check out these hilarious food campaigns, sometimes a result of labeling errors, sometimes bad marketing pure and simple.

One has to wonder whether the message was lost in translation or if these providers communicate exactly what they intend…

Moreso in Moscow but still existent in some of the other cities I visited, you are exposed to girls that are simply astonishing. Two times in my life I’ve just completely lost the ability to approach girls because of shock. Sure, there are gorgeous girls everywhere in the world. The working class girls show up to a date as if they were attending a wedding, and instead of bitching about their bosses they compliment you and ask how your day was. These girls have actual skills, whether being able to sing, draw, know a different language, or tell you about the latest nonfiction book they are reading.

And you sit there, staring at the long hair and sexy dress and wonder how this is possible.

A notable example of this use is Samuel Pepys's diary description of his servant girl as "an admirable slut" who "pleases us mightily, doing more service than both the others and deserves wages better" (February 1664).

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Otherwise, it would seem someone on the packaging team asked a pertinent question: “What type of people like cheap, fast, and easy noodles?It was used to describe a woman as dirty, or refer to her as a prostitute, harlot, or immoral woman.The word slut also took a similar form around the same era in the Norwegian language as "slutr" sleet, also known as an impure liquor.The word has also been used to refer to dust bunnies, which were called "slut bunnies".These definitions identify a slut as a woman of low character—a person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order her affairs.Les Richmond Sluts ne font pas du rock, ils sont le rock : ils incarnent sans concession cet esprit sexy, aventurier et destructeur qui manque cruellement à pas mal de jeunes pousses fort en gueule mais sans charisme.Incandescent et punk, le rock version The Richmond Sluts fleure bon la bière tiède, le whisky cheap et la rébellion. : Motel Boogie Théâtre Du 1er au 11 juin 2017, Le théâtre Pulloff vous présente une pièce poignante, au texte viscéral et à la mise en scène intimiste et émouvante.” The Jew’s Ear Juice is a unique product with a great package design…should be a good seller. We just hope the snacks don’t have the same affect on eaters, making them vomit after eating.Translated from Japanese, we’re not sure if this is what the manufacturer meant to offer for best description. Although these translations can be funny, it’s important to note how even professional marketers have problems with language.Son monologue aborde des thèmes actuels qui résonnent avec le coeur du public, de la guerre à la liberté en passant par l'identité. La compagnie de l'Oranger en co-production avec le théâtre de l'Echandole.Photographie Du 25 mai au 19 novembre 2017, Le Musée Olympique accueille un programme unique et exceptionnel.

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