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Frustratingly for quite a few, the calves are among the human body’s muscles which are most resistant to growth.

If you prefer to develop strong powerful calves, then begin practicing very brief sprint bursts.

Or what if a man has long legs and a shorter spine? As you can see I am completely clueless about this. Shorter than the woman, or just shorter than the average height of a man yet taller than the woman? Are there studies that have proven taller men to be better fighters or stronger? And one observation I will throw in is that I A LOT of 5'7 women and 5'8 men and 5'7 men with 5'7 women. For example, I have found no difference in the quality of sex in various types of woman but I prefer to have sex with women with big butts and boobs because I like grabbing these things. I had short thin legs and it wasn't quite the same effect. It's just the sheer number of women who follow it that shocks me. Women generally require 3 to 4 inches taller at a minimum of about 5'8". So a woman who is 5'8" may require a man who is 6 feet, but a woman who is 5'0" won't require a man who is 5'3", it will be 5'8". In grade school it seems that popularity overrules the height fetish women have.

Why will women not date shorter men but men will date shorter women? It seems for some reason, the taller the women, the less likely she wants a tall mate. You like having sex with tall men/dislike having sex with short men because.....(insert reason) And where do men of average height fall into this? Ask any of the female posters here who have had to put up with short guy threads over and over ad nauseum. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but that is way off target as far as I am concerned. I don't have any insecurities at all about my height - none at all - because no one looks down on a woman who is small. I will say that throughout my life (and im only 19 so high school and before) the short kids always got the hottest girls. One of my friends was about 5'4 and got the hottest girl in school. Towards the end of my high school experience the two people who got the most **** were both tall and worked out heavily. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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I plan to get lazer hair removal when I have enough money because I have heard it's the best way to get rid of the hair permanently.

Of all the body parts that bodybuilder types wish to grow, calves have traditionally been among the toughest. It is much easier to grow big biceps and thighs than calves and forearms.

But it is not impossible, in fact, if you follow my advice below you will be well on your way to having big admirable calf muscles.

At the surface level there's nothing terribly contentious about this, but if you click around one or two layers deeper, you'll find plenty of examples why chatter from this gallery regularly turns heads.

Like this: "You are hating women because you have the wrong expectations for them. Women are, by nature, manipulative, attention-seeking, inconsistent, emotional, and hypergamous. Once you do, you can game women for what they are ...

And I tried to go to a group of girls and that failed too, as they thought they were superior.

This may sound like the instigatory words of someone looking for a fight, sarcasm gone too far at best.

Thanks God I do not have noticeable hair on my face so I don't have to deal with it too much.

I do have pretty much hair all over my body: arms (it doesn't bother me as much), legs, tights, pubes, abdomen, upper and lover back, rare end and in the other places that woman should't have it!

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