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the Azerbaijani cabbies were clustered in the courtyard next to the customs terminal, waiting for the Iranians to walk through a narrow, rusted door.They do this every morning in the town of Astara, which dates back 6,000 years and today sits on the border between the post-Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.Overall, 50% reported having UAI with another male in the past year.Factors independently associated with UAI in the past year were unemployment (AOR = 1.87), attending adult movie theaters (AOR = 2.21), using illicit drugs before or during sex (AOR = 2.43), and not having a recent HIV test (AOR = 1.85).It can be hard for the uninitiated to distinguish Azerbaijani Azeris from Iranian Azeris, but the drivers know their clientele.“The Iranian girls are fairer, and they always have their heads down and their head scarves on,” said Misha Mamedli, a tall, slouching man with a gold front tooth and a stash of self-rolled cigarettes in his breast pocket.

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I just had a friend I'll call Paco, one of my best high school buddies.Mean age of participants was 29.7; 54% had a high school diploma or less; and 43% were unemployed.In the past year, 55% had been tested for HIV, 21% reported using illicit drugs before or during sex, and 94% had sex only with men.Reyna Ortiz holds a syringe in her mouth before injecting heroin on the border between the US and Mexico.She is one of the highest risk groups for HIV: a female who injected drugs and had regular unprotected sex with a male addict who was also injecting Transgender sex worker Fernanda Sanchez waits for clients at night on a street in Tijuana's red light district.But the Iranian men, who have the cash and do the negotiating, drew the most attention from the cabbies.Decked in tight jeans and T-shirts with Italian print, they emitted a cool, confident brusqueness as they marched through the rusted door: their gateway to pork products, alcohol, and easy sex. “No one cares what you do.” This makes the mullahs in Tehran very nervous.Although men who have sex with men (MSM) are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS in Mexico, data on current risk behaviors in this population are lacking.This study investigated the prevalence and correlates of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) in a sample of 260 MSM in Tijuana, Mexico.His last name happened to match that of Tijuana's mayor at the time, and we all used to take his advice on Tijuana.After all, he was, we'd joke, the mayor's nephew or something.

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