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One of the aims of this research was to assist the restorers of the newly created Conservation Department to address problems in their work which could not always be solved with the naked eye alone; distinguishing between the original paint, the artist's own repaint and later restoration, for example.

This was done both by the identification of individual pigments and, most importantly, by the study of cross-sections of minute paint fragments embedded in a transparent synthetic resin block.

The Economic Policy Centre made every effort in order to ensure that the data for Uk Crime Stats is accurate and up to date.

However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control.

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The comic is thought to have bought a new home in a Spanish apartment complex - a fortnight after selling his house in Warwickshire.She feels so lucky to have found love again."They added: "Andrew is much ­younger than Freddie. They are very much in love."Sophie apparently left Freddie after ­police were called when Elliott ­alleged he had butted him in a row at their home in Studley, Warwickshire, in April last year.According to reports, Freddie has said there should be no cash settlement and their marriage should be annulled because it was never ­consummated - something which Sophie denies.Freddie Starr was today recovering after suffering heart palpitations sparked by the stress of being accused of trying to grope a 14-year-old girl at a Jimmy Savile sex party, his fiancée revealed.The 69-year-old comic strenuously denied even meeting his accuser Karin Ward despite a video emerging of the pair of them together on Savile’s show ‘Clunk Click’.For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.“Freddie has suffered heart palpitations, he is in bed and will not be going out for the rest of the week.“The allegations made by this woman have not been investigated by the police but we would welcome a police investigation so he can clear his name.The brunette is said to be desperate to end her three-year marriage to the English comedian, who was arrested several times in 2012 after being linked to the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal.Sophie stood by the entertainer during this time, but has now found love elsewhere."Sophie has fallen for Andrew and is happier than she has been in years," a friend told The Mirror."She initially found it hard to let someone into her life again after Freddie but this time things finally seem right.

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