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Andre Timothy Jackson was charged in Josue's murder. Police said it appeared Josue and Jackson did not know each other. Marine Corps veteran who was living in a transitional housing center.At one point, there were 1000 descendants of the original batch of roaches thriving in the colony – every single one of them female.

Stutzman said she was stunned to learn after turning down the customer, Rob Ingersoll, that she was being sued. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal nationwide in a June ruling.In the recording, Perez can be heard saying, "I don't want to, I told you I don't want to! The girl was killed at an abandoned apartment complex.Her family attempted to sue the owners of the building, where some people believed students "drink alcohol, use drugs and have sex," according to the lawsuit.Common female cockroaches can reproduce for years without needing a mate, producing dozens of generations of all-female descendants, a team of scientists has found.Parthenogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction, allowing young insects to spawn from unfertilised eggs.Ava Castillo, 4, was killed during a robbery at her family's apartment complex on Nov. By early December, three teenagers were charged in her death: Philip Battles, 18; Marco Alton Miller, 17; and Ferrell Dardar, 17.Her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jesse Dobbs, is facing a murder charge. 7, resulted in the questioning of Denver Broncos player Ryan Murphy in San Jose, California.There are 46,000 species of cockroach across the globe, including eight centimetre long specimens found in Australia and even larger varieties in the caves of Central and South America. They have been around for 200 million years and have evolved a range of survival mechanisms in that time.Roaches can live for weeks without their heads, respiring through their bodies, and survive under water for up to half an hour.But a team of entomologists at Japan’s Hokkaido University has discovered small, all-female colonies of female roaches are able to reproduce many times without needing a man.“A founder colony of 15 virgin females was sufficient to produce female progeny for a period of more than three years,” the team, headed by Dr Hiroshi Nishino, wrote in their peer-reviewed study.

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