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That is because the friend, Hans, is also his partner.

A million thoughts ran through his head, and his stomach was in knots throughout that one hour flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, as he wondered how the meeting would go. So anxious about it," Gunawan said while looking down and shaking his head as he recalled that moment all those years ago. Such a reaction from his father had not crossed his mind.

That was when his father had invited him to bring his “best friend”, Dutchman Hans de Waal, to their family home in Surabaya, East Java. For the conservative Muslim society in the regency of Jombang, his case was an unusual one.

There’s also Fatima, or Kak Emma, who was the one Firza talked to in a widely circulated recording about her affair with Rizieq. According to the police, Kak Emma admitted that two women talking in the recording were indeed Firza and herself.

“The point is Firza has a close friend named Kak Emma.

Indonesia is notorious for having corrupt officials in government, and it’s no surprise that many of them are living in Jakarta considering that it’s the capital city of Indonesia.

A gay man from the conservative town of Jombang in East Java is happily married amid the public upheaval surrounding sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (Inafis) Heri Cahyono confirmed that the person in the pictures is Firza. Despite having to spend the night at the police station, Firza was not technically arrested — at least not yet.

“Expert witness said [the woman in the picture and Firza are] identical. Argo said that police still has one day to decide whether they want to issue an arrest warrant.

Firza, who was a coordinator of the Solidaritas Sahabat Cendana foundation, which is connected to the family of former president Soeharto, was reportedly having a relationship with the married man.

"This case is fabricated and libellous," Firza's lawyer Azis Yanuar said.

Hery Cahyono, a face recognition expert from the police's Indonesia Automatic Fingerprints Identification System (Inafis) division, said the authorities used several methods, including biometrics, to check whether the woman who appeared in the sex chats was really Firza.

He said the police compared pictures of the female activist when she was arrested over an alleged plot against the government on Feb 4 with her suspected pictures in the Whats App conversation.

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