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But much like life's other journeys, the going can be smoother when you have someone to share the trip.That's where a "diet buddy" comes in -- a partner who not only shares your weight loss and workout goals, but can help you navigate a kinder, gentler path to sveltesville.Similar to last year’s “Passengers,” this is a “sci-fi” movie with practically no interest in science.

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But if you're thinking of using these same guidelines to find a diet buddy, you could be making a mistake.

"You may have a partner or a best friend who you love dearly, but if you're still overweight and struggling to lose it, then clearly, that partnership, while perfect in other areas of your life, is not the right relationship to help you lose weight," says Joey Dweck, founder and CEO of Diet, an online "match service" for those seeking weight loss partners.

tolerate in a partner -- like holding you accountable for every bite you take -- could be the very qualities you need in a weight loss buddy.

Kernel Rating (out of 5): MPAA Rating: PG-13 Length: 120 minutes Age Appropriate For: 13 .

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There's no getting around it: The road to weight loss can be a bumpy one.

Men act irresponsibly and women are around to clean up their messes in this horrendously forgettable teen romance pretending to be a sci-fi movie.

It’s difficult to determine the point of “The Space Between Us.” The film has so many plot holes, so many logical inconsistencies, and so many terrible characters that watching it is a particular kind of aggressively unyielding tedium.

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