Sales is like dating


Are there enough benefits on the line to keep them interested long term?

There’s certainly no formula for these answers, but the vast majority of sales that don’t happen are because the salesperson never asked the customer to buy.

This doesn’t even include other sales positions, like bankers and car salespeople.

Whether you’re on your first date or your tenth, it’s never comfortable to be around someone who is constantly pushing for that next step.Unless you’re really itching to marry a stranger, you’d probably be kind of freaked out, uncomfortable and would look for a way to escape the situation.You probably don’t realize it, but this is exactly what you’re doing to your potential customers when you expect them to land on your website and get in touch with you to have a sales conversation.People are attracted to confidence and self-assurance – and this holds true whether you’re out on a date with someone new, or whether you’re a sales person trying to woo a customer.Whether it’s a high-pressure sales person desperate to make a sale, or a desperate longtime singleton out on a date, sometimes the harder you try, the less receptive the other person will be. Don’t make them feel like you’re pressing too hard to make something happen on the first “date.” Have you ever been on a date with someone who only wanted to talk about themselves, and who never even let you get a word in? In the same way, good sales people should listen more than they talk.Rather than presenting a product, present a solution.In dating, many might say this equivalent is that of proposing a relationship or at least, something more than a one-night stand.In my opinion, the one-night stand is still a relationship — it's just an empty one.To that end, in the sales industry we would call it an “empty basket,” which is where the customer purchased the product, but didn't want anything else to go with it. While there may be plenty of fish in the sea, nobody ever said that they were all swimming your direction.So make sure you recognize that need in your conversations with them.

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