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Then drill a .441" hole in the lower corner and mount the MAP sensor with a small screw. Now it's time to move on to the Vacuum fitting and mod it for our power brake hose. Work your way up to a 7/16 drill bit and drill all the way thru Now tap the hole with a 1/4-18 pipe tap And install a 1/4 thread 1/2 hose fitting using 3M adhesive as sealer. The lower ribing will need to be removed Here is what the bottom of the intake should look like after sanding or light grinding. The hose will go from fitting to the rear valve cover. I used LS6 injectors with LS6 fuel rail Which required pigtail adapters EV1 to EV6. I have also include a pic of the MAP extension harness. The two piece ones pictured up above are the ones I used for Alabama Guys car. IF YOU DO NOT PLAN ON USING DOD (tuned out or tuned off) THEN YOU CAN JUST PULL THE CONNECTOR FROM THE TRAY AND WELD THE HOLE UP. it seems like the LS1/6 swap will cost in the neighborhood of 0 to do.

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Startoff by cleaning the intake with Gunk, and Hot water. When the PCV nipple is ground down flush, plug the hole with some epoxy putty.3). This is a pic of the modded bracket Plenty of clearance now! MAKE SURE YOU BLOW THE INTAKE OUT WITH AIR TO REMOVE DEBRIS FROM DRILLING AND TAPING BEFORE INSTALL!! Now, it is time to move onto the DOD tray IF USING DOD LIFTERS, THEN YOU MUST USE THE DOD TRAY, even if the DOD is tuned out. The DOD connector needs to be trimed down too So pull the DOD connector out of the tray. (58psi)I'd rather cut up my alt bracket then the intake.

This is why the LS1 intake works after getting it's ass kicked above .450"This is how I did my intake swap and the parts I used. I will add links for the parts later-65.00 LS1 Intake-75.00 LS6 Fuel rail-100.00 LS6 Injectors-TB adapter. I'd recommend Brain396's adapter 160.00 which I have in a box waiting for headers.-85.00 Adapter harness for injectors EV6-EV1-25.00 Map extension harness-25.00 Intake seals-5.00 EGR plug-15.00 TB gasket-25.00 Misc items such as PCV hose and fittings-1 31/32" freeze plug -5.00 Gunk engine degreaser You can get fittings here adapters Path/109_175/products_id/1765Map extension harness You'll need to gain as much opsu clearance as possible I used a dremel cutoff wheel and sanding disk. If not then be prepared for a clogged solenoid or collapsed lifter if you decided to keep the DOD functional.10). OPSU pic Vacuum hose routing Why the LS6 injectors and rail? LS6 are rated at 28.8lb and the LS4 injectors are a tad over 28lb.

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keep in mind that the engine was a LS6 with headers and cam.

are there conclusive dyno numbers from either swap onto a stock or close to stock LS4 motor?

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