Padma lakshmi dating old man

"It probably wasn't the best choice, but it was the choice I made at the time," Lakshmi said about playing the field.

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“It was really difficult because it was embarrassing. I had just gotten out of a divorce and, by the way, I was honest with everyone involved in my life — but it was still hard.” Padma continued, “Now, I have this beautiful 6-year -old daughter, and she is the light of my life.” Forstmann stayed a part of Krishna’s life, even after it was revealed that Dell was the biological father.

I didn’t want any other young girl to go through what I went through and I don’t want young girls to think it’s their fault.” Padma revealed that once she is done with her book tour she will film the new season of “Top Chef.” Afterward, she’s looking forward to some down time with Krishna.

show Tuesday morning and was completely candid about her past mistakes—but she wouldn't call them that.

Sources, however, tell Page Six that the two have recently become close again. They both love that child so much, they’re putting the past behind them.” The source further said, “She just is being very cautious and private to protect Krishna, regardless of what happens.

Through spending time as a family with their daughter, Krishna, 6, the two have become romantically involved. She’s forgiven the past and giving this a try.” A spokeswoman for Lakshmi had no comment.

The suit claims that 'Forstmann has declared that [Lakshmi], Krishna and he are a "family" and they wished [Dell] would f***ing disappear.' The explosive 16-page complaint accuses Lakshmi, the 40-year-old ex-wife of author Salman Rushdie, of cutting Dell out of Krishna's life, and teaching the baby to refer to Forstmann as 'Papa.' 'I've never seen a father so devoted to being a good father to his child,' said William Zabel, a lawyer for Dell.

'She is trying to have her boyfriend take the role of father and that's just wrong.' Dell Inc.

, and got candid about dating two men at the same time after her divorce from novelist Salman Rushdie in 2007.

Lakshmi said she initially didn't know who the father of her baby was when she became pregnant in 2009.

A friend of “Top Chef” host Lakshmi told us, “She’s taking it slow . Lakshmi, who was previously married to acclaimed author Salman Rushdie, and Dell settled their custody dispute in 2012.

Padma's relationship with Dell ended in in 2009, with Dell, 40, claiming the former model launched a cruel attack on him during a phone call calling him an 'unambitious' man with an 'uninteresting' career and 'unmemorable' friends.

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