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Will 'Skype for jail' replace in-person visits for inmates?

By Kathleen Hickey 2914 Video visitation of inmates frequently billed as a Skype for jail is gaining momentum and could replace in-person visits altogether, according to corrections officials from across the country Many jails and penitentiaries offer the service, which lets people interact virtually with prisoners over the Internet.

Anyway we faced each other through a square class window and after the hello how are you bit we just stared at each other wondering what to say next, then the weather and the health of his family, followed by more silence, now had the pair of us been in a pub it would be completely different, but thankfully they rang a bell to let you know when it was over, it reminded me of Skype.

On the way home it struck me that it would be handier for relatives to visit inmates on Skype in a designated room for prisoners with computers, instead of them having to drag their way into these miserable places, the visitor would be at home of course.

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There are a range of considerations involved in programme selection.

This may be better suited to your needs and learning style than a Skype programme, and this will be discussed with you prior to commencing your programme.

Also our Executive career coaching programmes include other benefits such as longer online access, the full use of our research team, books, free psychometrics etc.

If you are absolutely clear about which role you want next this will lend itself to a shorter programme.

If you wish to explore options more fully and make a job move, then a longer programme is more likely. Our signature one to one career coaching and outplacement programmes predominately involve working with your coach on a face to face basis throughout your programme.

You do not have to decide which programme you need at this stage.

This is the purpose of the initial phone discussion with one of our team.

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All these will be explained at the outset for you to consider.

Skype may be the most practical option if you live far away from one of our offices or can’t get time off work, making regular meetings difficult. Whilst there is structure and methodology in the programmes each will work around your specific requirements and your coach will keep you updated on your progress throughout.

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