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If you have played it already and are looking for more, then on this page you will find a list of games like My Candy Love.Flirting games are most loved by teen girls, and they are based on very popular Japanese dating games.A visual novel game consists of a large text base story line with only a small…Our collection of games like My Candy Love offers the very best romance, otome and dating simulation games.Read More »Katawa Shoujo is a bishoujo-style visual novel set in the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, located somewhere in modern Japan.This is a novel about how life can drastically change at the blink…My Candy Love lets players enjoy a number of scripted scenes and scenarios while making decisions that impact romantic relationships with the characters within the game.

Disponibles gratuitement sur Google Play et App Store, découvre des jeux aux univers variés, avec des personnages séduisants et charismatiques et des graphismes aux airs de manga.

After you play at least one of them, you will be addicted forever. Other Age focuses on a princess who is ready to meet her suitor.

As the princess, you are going to be meeting your future husband through mini games and an interesting story that offers humor…

= = = ✿✿ = = = Story = = = ✿Eden ((renamable)) and her family are starting off Summer with a tropical cruise!

After you play at least one of them, you will be addicted forever. Matchmaking is just better with Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker.

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Here you'll find information about traditional visual novel style Gx B otome games, shoujo RPGs & RPGs with romance elements, as well as Gx G games made for a female audience.

One by one, they are attacked and their body parts were taken.

Rating: R18 Title Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Original title 赤ずきんと迷いの森 Aliases Red Riding Hood and the Lost Forest Length Medium (10 – 30 hours) Developer Calameliatorte Publishers Calameliatorte Our Version Language: Japanese (Audio and subtitles) Description After Tiana is lost in the Forest of Hesitation she meets various people with all dark secrets.

She’s trapped in a weird situation after she wished for those who bullied her, ANASTASIA and her gang to feel the same thing.

With six different paths, more than ten different endings, and many unlockable bonus…

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