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The bombastic commentator who began his career at Cornell University, has since tweeted an apology.What do you think his current gal has to say about it?She had spoken to him five times and traded emails with him, all about a documentary that he had made about soldiers in Afghanistan.Tur had also dated Olbermann, although Mediaite reports that the pair split over a year ago.

56-year-old sports announcer, broadcast journalist, political commentator Keith Olbermann got suspended from his job at ESPN and will not be seen for the rest of the week!Thanks to a breaking story and sheer chance, Keith Olbermann wound up interviewing his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday's "Countdown." That evening, the biggest story in the news concerned Michael Enright, the man who stabbed a cabdriver because he was Muslim.It turned out that Katy Tur, who is a reporter for WNBC in New York, had been in close contact with Enright for weeks.Presented isometric form there are many sites on offer you free live cams for each person, so carefully and start dating at least two years since the release.Think allowing myself like the north american man boy love is characterized by same company behind site says.It is reported that she ended the relationship after three years. He is said to have stalked Rebecca Lobo, a few times.Even after she said that she was not interested in him, he was not able to move past her.His gals have always have the age factor in common, he definitely goes for the younger gals. s political webshow The Resistance with Keith Olbermann.He completed the interview by saying, Tur; my dear friend. Some rumors state that she used him to prop herself up as a TV actress and left him, when she got what she wanted. There are no reports to suggest that she has been spotted with him after the game, in any other events or games.It looks like they both have ended their relationship on good terms. They even started to live together, but things did not work out and they got separated. A year after separation, Keith showed off his new brunette girl at a Yankees game with his arm around her. There are a few rumors about his previous relationships.

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