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The group was signed to the Pony Canyon record label from 1999 to 2001 before transitioning to Johnny's Associates-powered J Storm record label in 2002, producing their future singles and albums.

Musical career Arashi covers a wide range of music, including R&B, hip hop and various forms of pop music.

The upbeat big band sound with a reliance on brass was right up my alley, and it updated an old-fashioned song quite effectively.

It’s surprisingly dynamic sonically, and the chorus is quite the earworm.

Answering this mate-call was Jun’s sort-of last chance to prove to himself – and to his father, his family – that he didn’t need their help.

He was going to find his mate on his own, build his own family outside that pack.

Aside from being a popular idol group in Japan, the group is widely known across Asia and to J-pop fans all over the world.

Johnny's & Associates (or Johnny's) announced the group's debut on September 15, 1999 through a press conference aboard a cruise ship off the coast of Honolulu, Hawai'i.

Their debut single, "A・RA・SHI", became the theme song for the 8th World Cup of Volleyball hosted by Japan in 1999. She is slightly taller than Nino and fiercely independent. But maybe a little, yes, because he's young to be getting married (for a Johnnys) but... Life becomes a huge blur of concerts and TV recordings and studio time and wedding planning and magazine interviews and cake tasting and photoshoots and maybe a little sleep every now and then. They ended up talking about random things that only drunk people talk about and then got into bed together because it was really Ohno and Aiba's room so they had to leave the other bed free. Nino is staying in his apartment until after the wedding day where he and Yumi will move into the small house they've just made a down payment on. Ohno is an idiot and Ohno says really, really stupid things sometimes and now Nino can't sleep so he picks up his phone and nearly keys the words in with his eyes closed so he doesn't have to see them. And somewhere he started to really like her, then he started to love her. Obviously she knew who he was and had seen him on TV before they even met. She has nothing to do with the entertainment business and instead is a former surfing instructor turned business-owner (various beach sports supplies). Then Jun asks him if he's worried and he doesn't know the answer. Things are becoming a little out of control in his mind with all of the fame and popularity and suddenly his face is on an airplane and now he wants to get married. He’s proud of himself for how competently he’s doing his job even though a million thoughts are running through his head at once. A little over a year and a half ago when Ohno and Nino were sharing a hotel room together and Ohno opened up the minibar and then they nearly cleaned the whole thing out together. It's not the way Ohno normally jokes around, but he does the unexpected sometimes. He wondered if he was coming on too strong but she seemed to want to spend time with him too. " "I don't think you really want me to." "I don't know what I want. Or Nino just really knows his way around a deck of cards. Arashi have returned with their latest, “I’ll Be There“, which is the theme song for ‘Kizoku Tantei‘.The drama stars Aiba Masaki as an aristocratic detective, so the music video follows that theme.They made their debut conference in September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii.The group was signed to the Pony Canyon record label from 1999 to 2001 before transitioning to Johnny's Associa ABOUT ARASHI Arashi (嵐; meaning Storm in Japanese) is a five-member Japanese boy band under Johnny & Associates. and even then he probably wouldn't anyway) and Ohno says something that sounds like a question and a request all rolled up into one. Which wasn't unusual (even if Aiba had come in and found them drunk and kissing on the bed, he wouldn't have thought it was that unusual), but the unusual part was that it started to feel like some kind of twisted competition. Then Ohno wasn't laughing anymore, but pressing their bodies together, one hand cupped behind Nino's head and Nino was holding onto two handfuls of the back of Ohno's shirt. He keeps his work and his personal life separate for as long as he can, but then the members want to meet her and she wants to meet them. Aiba chimed in with an "honestly we don't know what's with them either! They go on three dates before Nino decides he wants to get married. Then three days before the wedding, they're backstage at a TV studio (because Nino doesn't get any time off if his bosses don't even know he's having a wedding... Nino's vision was blurry from the alcohol and Ohno was close to being asleep. But then Ohno rolled over on him and nearly rolled both of them off of the bed and they both started laughing so hard that they couldn't stop and then they were kissing. Ohno was still laughing whenever he had the opportunity to breathe and Nino probably contributing to it by tickling his sides. The ink is probably still drying on the contract at the realtor's. He weaves through a maze of them and falls unceremoniously onto his bed. But she was more the type into rock music than Johnnys groups. *dies*(-Ohmiya Rabu Rabu Talk "WINK UP"-) Ohno: Nino let's think about getting married! ABOUT ARASHI Arashi (嵐; meaning Storm in Japanese) is a five-member Japanese boy band under Johnny & Associates.

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