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Focus on your best features and choose pieces to showcase them.

A hint of sexy is always encouraged for a first date; however, if you decide to showcase your legs with a thigh-skimming mini dress, make sure to balance out the sexy silhouette by covering up a little on top. Alexander Mc Queen Mini Dress, 5.00 Oasap Spring Textured Mini Dress, Erin: What are some things you should avoid?

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While my goal was and is to inspire women by sharing other women’s stories of “sucking lemons” moments who had come out the other end by making “sweet lemonade”, I wanted to truly serve you, my tribe and serve my guests as well. I LOVE that Coach Jennie has given a name to that dumb little voice in our heads that says, “I Can’t, I Shouldn’t, I Don’t Know, or my favorite, I Don’t Wanna”. Listen to this podcast interview as she helps me with my own daughter’s “Coming Out”, the Do’s and Don’ts. Real life, real struggles, real joy, and real happiness…add all of this up and you find bliss in the life of Rebekah Borucki.

Six months in, you will see a shift of the interviews. My goal is to put you in touch with guests who motivate, inspire, humor, and otherwise help plan the next chapter of your life. Down to earth is under statement, but she can help us all with her 21-Day Mantra Challenge, and her brand new book,...

Piper & Michelle are all about empowering women under all of the different hats we, as women, wear through their exclusive G3 Sonoma Conferences!

They also offer girl’s events and team building events for corporations. Awakening your Inner Goddess…who doesn’t want to learn more about that?

All of our holidays for single parents are in group settings, with ready made friends for the children but also like-minded company for the adults too.

Have a look at our Single With Kids holiday makers page to see the wide variety of families who join us on our single parent holidays.

Erin: If you’re new on the dating scene, what are some things you should wear on a first date?

Erica: The key to dressing for a date is confidence.

We are proud to support the GROWE Foundation and Boulder Valley School District in as many ways as we can.

This includes allowing customer to donate their bag credit to local schools, working in school gardens, and supporting GROWE through a 5% day in which 5% of our sales will benefit their Garden to Table program.

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