Netgear validating identity certificate


The older WN3000RP was both an extender and a bridge But nowhere on the specsheet for the v2 is any mention of the bridge function. I have an AC1450 router and I am trying to connect an older laptop. my router is (tp-wr740n) plz do answer My new WN3000RP set up & worked first go (this is why I buy Netgear), but I see that the WN3000RP seems to always use the same channel as the one used by my WNDR4500 router.

It is connecting, but stays on the "validating identity" stage. I'm one of the people having trouble setting up a WN3000RP. I have a router (Huawei HG556a, supplied by my network provider) and that seems to be working fine. Question - is it possible to make the WN3000RP extended network use a different channel to the one used by the route...

Hi, a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.

In order to complete the connection process you must open a web browser.

The browser will then be automatically redirected to NMT's wireless login page.

Right click on the network icon, select properties, then the tab for Authentication. If you have an antivirus with firewall, make sure to also deactivate windows firewall.

I am connected but none of my programs seem to be able to access the internet.

Everything was working fine when she picked it up, specifically the wireless. I did a search for this and maybe one of the fixes will work. Here is the manual for her router so if you are doing this over the phone you can see what she is seeing. Unplug the power to the router then plug it back in.

When she got it home she said she was getting this error message that her wireless wasn't working. I took it back to my house and it didn't have any problems connecting to the wireless router. OS- Windows XP SP3 Laptop- Compaq Presario V6000 Wireless Router- Netgear N 150 WNR1000v2 Cable Modem- Arris TM502G Browser IE 8 Thanks. Once the router settles, open another browser window and see if she can surf. If yes unplug the Ethernet from the laptop and try to connect wireless.

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A message comes up saying it can't find a valid certificate. Hey Guys, I'm about as computer illiterate as they come, so I'm really hoping that there is a very easy, non-technical solution to my problem.

My laptop computer will not connect to my netgear wireless network.

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