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Hey, maybe this sauna deal wasn’t such a bad idea after all, LOL!

His wife sits by her side and he sits in the deck below them.

He doesn’t really understand the point of sitting in a small wooden room filled with steam and sweating like a turkey in the oven, but he wants to indulge his wife, who’s been asking for this for quite some time and just get it off the tray.

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When they enter the small sauna room he immediately sees they are not alone.

A smoking hot naked woman is sitting there, drenched in sweat running down her beautiful big tits.

He is clearly smitten by the totally naked and uber hot woman in the sauna, who is ferociously flirting with him in turn.

As hard as he tries, he can’t stop looking at the her tits!

Oh, that’s the case, I felt good and I wanted to Larissa kayfovat too, and not passively put my ass.

With one hand I held her breasts and began to knead her, twirl nipple and the other made his way to the clitoris and slowly at first, then all the stronger masturbate him brought to Larissa wild excitement.

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