Mrtg stops updating for previous one

This is how most co-location facilities calculate 95th percentile for billing purposes.

All, I dont remember if somebody has complained about this before but ... Besides that cacti stops update all already existing RRD files for the _same_ device. Igor Hi, Unfortunately I have nothing to post here ... Igor Hi, I have the same issue, my install of Cacti has been working quite well for over a year including regular upgrades.

Recommended settings for number of pollers is 1-2 times the number of processors.

And I suppose you're not running a quad cpu machine The last debug code shows lots of OIDs that do not respond for Host[17].

The 4.2.x line saw the last releases made using the ucd-snmp name, and all releases on this line have been been bug-fixes only.

Release 5.0 was the first version released under the Net-SNMP name, and all further development is being done on the 5.x code base.

The 4.2.x code line is now effectively closed down, as are the older 5.x branches.

Add technical support output to System Utilities compat: Add additional checking due to php-snmp changes in Windows compat: Remove GIF as a supported file type for RRDTool 1.2.x and added SVG file type Added a new 95th percentile type, "max", which calculates 95th percentile based on the maximum of either inbound or outbound for each sample.

The move to Source Forge was intended to provide a more flexible environment for the project, and to distribute the administrative workload more evenly.

The change of name simply reflects this move, which was the last remaining link with UC Davis.

These links vary in quality ranging from a pointer to the vendors home page, to the man pages entry, and to how to download the code.

We welcome corrections such as identifying broken links (especially if you can provide an alternate/update), since over the years companies are absorbed by others, disappear, split up, change their web site etc.

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