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No, I live in Hollywood, but I lived in New York for like six years, so I’m pretty familiar with it. What qualities did you notice in them that regular guys can learn from? I remember this one guy that had literally just had both his legs amputated, and he was receiving a purple heart. Just the sense of commitment to friendship—and loyalty to your friendships, and to whoever the people in your life are. I grew up around music because my father was a singer. So I was trying to figure out a way to get into entertainment without putting myself on his bad side. It’s always been hard for me to think the way that most people think. People tell me not to cross the line, but it’s always been a line that I can’t see. I remember growing up and thinking how odd it was to me, like, okay, what are you? It’s like the whole idea of a girl and how as a girl you’re supposed to be more mellow, or quieter, and there are a lot of women out there who still have that mentality where they don’t speak about their sexuality. The song is “You’ve never met a freak like me, if you could read my mind,” because most women are still quiet about it. Like “If You Wanna Fly” is part of the saint part, and “Freak Like Me” is more of the sinner part.Viņas ārpuslaulības sakari izriet nevis no viņas vīra nepietiekamās spējas vai temperamenta, bet no bezgalīgās jaunu iespaidu kāres.Ja viņš viņai imponē un viņa viņu mīl, tad viņa savā veidā būs uzticīga viņam, t.i., viņš vienmēr būs pirmajā vietā.

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We interviewed the sexy model-turned-singer behind this summer’s dance hit “Freak Like Me” for the magazine. What are the best ways to build that kind of trust?

In this extended interview Mayra Veronica tells us about her rebellious side, what women really want in a guy, and the best way to get your freak on with your lady. It’s about trust and commitment and just knowing that person is really there for you; they’re truly your friend and they’re truly on your side.

Mīl seksu un pati labprāt atzīst, ka viņa tajā ir nepiesātināma.

Dažādas prasības apmierina ar noteikumu, ka viņa ir uzticīga savai dabai un nesasaista sevi ētiskajām un sociālajām normām. Viņa ir vienmēr pievilcīga, turklāt ne tikai estētiskā skaistuma kontekstā, vairāk savas dzīves īpašajā pilnasinībā.

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MV: No problem, it allowed me to sleep a little longer. Making her feel comfortable enough for her to be able to express herself would mean showing her some sort of commitment where you are there for her all the time and you’re her best friend.

Was there an element of rebelliousness that helped push you towards music? As a man, it’s just being able to make the woman feel comfortable enough to show all aspects of herself to him.

Viņam ir spēcīgs seksuāls temperaments, kam, tomēr nepiemīt uzmācīgas idejas raksturs.

Atšķirībā no Svariem viņam ir lielas izredzes realizēt savas prasības un vēlmes.

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