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One of those ways is through a “Love Contract,” or in legal jargon a “Consensual Relationship Agreement.” What is a Love Contract?

A Love Contract establishes workplace guidelines for workplace dating or romantically involved coworkers.

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Even in cases where the consensual nature of the relationship is patently obvious, jilted employees still may try to seek retribution against former lovers through the legal system. While this case is included in a Valentine-themed blog, it is more fitting for a Halloween-themed one because it will downright scare most employers. When she later found out he was already married, she called off the engagement and the relationship and tried to get her old job back.If you want to learn more about how The Employer Group helps its clients with policy development, please contact us!* We are thrilled you are looking to our Newsfeed as a source of current HR information - after all, The Employer Group is your Human Resource Resource.Such relationships can have actual and resonating effects on the workplace because of the power inequalities in the positions and the insecurity the relationship may create for other employees, especially those who report to the supervisor.In one case, the Eleventh Circuit found that a public employer’s interest in discouraging intimate association between supervisors and subordinates was so critical to the effective functioning of the employer that it outweighed the employee’s interest in the relationship.In dismissing her claim, the court noted that the employee’s voluntary engagement in sexual conduct is not a defense to her hostile work environment claim, that the court concluded that her testimony that severely undermined her claim.As we blogged here last week, there are steps employers can take to help reduce the bad things that can occur when a workplace romance goes bad.It’s the employers, however, that end up caught in ex-lover crossfire and typically bear the financial brunt of office romances gone bad. The employer, still unaware of the relationship, offered her old job back, but she declined because it required her to report to her former fiancé.She then sued the employer for hostile work environment sexual harassment, even though the employer never learned that she was involved with her former boss until it received her EEOC charge.With Valentine’s Day just behind us, cupid may have left a few arrows in the workplace. workforce study found that 37 percent of workers have dated a coworker at some point in their career.People spend a lot of time at work and even more time at office lunches and happy hours, so it is not uncommon for workplace relationships to evolve into intimate relationships. When romantic relationships enter the workplace, the relationship is no longer just between two people, but can affect coworkers, supervisors, and the public.

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