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Now attendees at a UK police seminar have heard how 'criminal gangs' are cashing in on this ever growing market.

According to police, the selling of "fully loaded" boxes, which allows users to access premium content, has increased by over 100 per cent in the past year alone.

The problem is getting so bad that it's now considered an emerging threat by police.

In a statement the Scottish Police force said: "The illegal use of Internet protocol television has risen by 143% in the past year and is predominantly being carried out online."This involves the uploading of streams, server hosting and sales of pre-configured devices,”Many gangs see selling this new technology as a quick and easy way to make money and with premium channel costing so much many consumers appear willing to buy from them.

Kodi software isn't illegal but it can be used to watch premium channels, such as sports and movies, for free.

With so many people accessing this content without paying, the Premier League has just secured a court order which it hopes will help stop rights-infringing video streams of its matches.

P15/18/20, D1/566) 'STARFISH' - built from 1936, this design was also built by BR. PROTOTYPE: about 500 wagons of GW P15 were built from 1936-38. Some wagons remained in use on BR until about 1980, or thereabouts.I didn’t ever encounter these particular buses, but the combination of the dependable and stolid PD2 chassis with the stylish and well finished Park Royal bodywork of the time always formed a sound and efficient piece of capital equipment.The reputation that Leyland double deckers acquired from the TD1 through to the PD3 was entirely merited, and Park Royal bodywork, until it descended from the sublime to the ridiculous, was always a sound choice.N30) The final GWR design for small loco coal wagons introduced in 1935. This type of wagon would have been used to supply coal to small, e.g. At less well equipped locations, the coal may have actually been used from the wagon, although most places probably had some kind of hoist to lift coal from a pile on the ground in a bucket.C3 GWR Shunters' Truck (M4/M5) Once commonly seen at many GWR stations, this is a small, but interesting vehicle, particularly if fitted with a suitable "shunter" figure.I know of one instance in Southampton and I’m sure it isn’t unique . Its one saving grace was the almost indestructible bodywork.Some of the early 11.3 metre production examples went to London Country who, despite the dual door configuration, put the things on the Stevenage Superbus, thereby applying to that ‘premium’ service its first kiss of death.The M3 type of 1912-14 was almost identical except for vertical supports for the top handrail. Paddington (ECS), & at Fowey (Ml until at least 1985).Some remained in use well into the diesel era to operate track circuits,coupled to '08' diesel shunters, e.g. The BR 'TOPS' codes included shunters' trucks, but these may not have been carried (ZSP/R/W/X). Bristol M4 41052, Laira M4 41046, M5 41883, Worcester M5 41823. T12/13) Includes D/C brake lever (T12) and lever brake (T13).They had Dean-Churchward brake gear, with brakeshoes on both sides & were numbered (with gaps) in the ranges 80212-282, 80530-599, 806602-98, 80701-41,100816-27/29 99 & 100900-10/13. It is thought that the fishkind "Starfish" was never actually painted on the wagons, however, they did still have the CO in a circle (COnstruction) in GWR style, even in the 1970s.P18 of 1939 & P20 of 1942 had Morton lever brakes, with brakeshoes on one side only. (P15 shown in photo) C2 GWR 10ton Loco Coal Wagon Kit (Dia. One of these would carry enough coal to last about three days in a small pannier tank loco.

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