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Laura Mitchell, her boyfriend Michael Hall, and two other men were convicted of murdering Andrew Ayres during a fight that flared up over a taxi outside a Bradford pub in January 2007.After the trial, the police described the group as ‘absolute animals’ who, fuelled by heavy drinking, had turned into a wild gang.The judge said he was sentencing Mitchell, Hall, now 28, both of Bottomley Street, Buttershaw, and Henry Ballantyne, then 20, on the basis that they were secondary parties to the death.Mitchell appealed against her murder conviction, saying she had played no part in the fatal attack on Mr Ayres, had not encouraged it and had no idea that he might be killed. Appeal Court judge Lord Justice Thomas said she had started the trouble that led to Mr Ayres’s death and the jury was entitled to find the murder was a joint enterprise.They were all told they would serve at least 13 and a half years.Judge Stephen Gullick said Mr Ayres’s death was caused by Carl Holmes, then 21, stamping on his face as he lay on the ground, leaving him unrecognisable.

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A more vicious fight began, during which Ayres was murdered.

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Press reports labelled Mitchell and her co-defendants drunken yobs who had mindlessly battered someone to death.

Mitchell was 22 at the time, a single mother with a five- year-old son.

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The Court heard four defendants took part in a violent attack on Mr Ayres and two of his friends, following a row over a taxi.

The prosecution told the jury anyone who participated in a joint enterprise with someone who causes the death of another was also guilty.

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