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“I feel like there’s so many versions of that story. So I think that as long as something like that is done with respect, and it celebrates all of us and doesn’t tear any of us down… As long as it’s done the right way.” “People love a secret, and people love finding out the secret. but I would want to celebrate all of us, because we were kids.

We’re all very secretive, we’re all very private about our private lives and that situation,” Luckett added. You gotta tell that story in a certain way because you’re dealing with kids.

Luckett has found success as a TV actress at a time when networks are embracing black actors seemingly more than ever. I think that everyone, all races, all genders, should be able to play leads.

Gods got me.” The two will also be starring together in a in a new TVOne comedy series titled Here We Go Again.

Here We Go Again will premiere Tuesday, February 9 at pm ET.

I think that the two characters both have this Type A personality. In January, Knowles told he would “absolutely” love to see it happen.

Luckett, who was an original member of the chart-topping girl group, talked at length about the possibility of a Destiny’s Child biopic.

After dating for nearly a year, Destiny’s Child alum Le Toya Luckett and author-internet sensation Rob Hillman Sr. According to TMZ, the pair wed during a small, intimate ceremony in January 2016 before calling it quits just two months later. I do this, this is my day job, but I’m a lover at heart. But, you know, heartbreak happens when you open up and allow yourself to love.” As for whether she thinks Hill is a viable resource for dishing out relationship divorce, considering he can’t sustain a marriage of his own, she said: “I’m sure that’s tough.

Though the couple never addressed their split — as a clause in their divorce reportedly prohibited either from making any public statements or making any social media posts, including “photos, videos, recordings or other documents.” Luckett is now sharing her side of the story. I’ve been on panels and even in some of my music I give great advice, and then I find myself in a situation like, ‘Well that was stupid.’ But at the same time, you live and you learn and that’s what life is about.” The “Back 2 Life” songstress also revealed there’s no turning back for love with Hill Sr.

In an interview with the Grio she discussed the growing number of TV series featuring black actresses, including “I hope that this lasts for a very long time. Now networks aren’t afraid to take that chance on a leading lady of other ethnicities. Might be a little bit more street than Felicia, but they can cut you with the tongue.

I thank the networks for opening up to that.”“I love Taraji’s character… I’m so proud of her and everything that she’s doing with the show. Don’t get in their way.” Earlier this year, news broke of plans for two possible Destiny’s Child biopics: a film that Beyoncé‘s father, Mathew Knowles proposed to Sony Pictures and a rumored Lifetime biopic.

I am whole, healed, and free from everything in my past.

I will trust, believe, and grow through every experience.

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