Kim zolciak who is she dating


Which is good for him, since NFL-playing papa Kroy Biermann is also 6'3" ... She's taken the string bikini look to another level., supporting her husband after he was recently cut from the Buffalo Bills and launching her own skincare line.One can imagine that Kim is very busy these days, as she may be working out a new deal with Bravo for another season of and possibly landing some more work for Kroy.But Daniel Toce, who is daughter Ariana’s father, didn’t subsidize Kim Zolciak’s lifestyle.A source close to him tells us that he’s struggled with drugs, another says he was married with kids when he met Kim. He’s currently in prison for molesting a 15-year-old old! They had just moved to Atlanta, GA because Daniel had gotten a job there, Kim was pregnant with Ariana, they had two nice cars and a house, so they got married on the beach in Destin, FL.

The two started dating this summer and Zolciak confirmed the relationship back in July.She divorced him after three months because she said he was cheated on her.What is true is that Zolciak does have major coin (she seems to be the only Atlanta “housewife” not scraping by with the skin of their Bravo paycheck, reportedly 0,000 for each girl in Season 2), and she’s repeatedly said on television it all came from Big Poppa, who has been identified as Lee Najjar, an Atlanta real estate mogul.We're told she and Michael started chatting in March, but things started getting serious recently, meaning they're monogamous now ... It's a long distance thing at this point -- she travels to Salem, VA to see his games, and he comes to Atlanta when he can.Michael's a tall drink at 6'3'' and 205 pounds, and we're told the family loves the fact he's a gentleman. "Thank you for all your comments, tweets, emails and texts," she continued."We honestly felt all the positive energy you guys were sending and we couldn't be more grateful.Kim Zolciak was married to a man named Daniel Toce for more than three years, from September 2001 to February 2003. There have a been a minefield of rumors and speculation about Kim’s ex husband.Many people believe she is getting huge child support and alimony checks from him (,000 a month in child support and 0,000, but it turns out this isn’t the case.Kim Zolciak offered an update on her 4-year-old son Kash announcing on Instagram that he is headed home early from the hospital after suffering injuries from a dog attack."First and fair most THANK YOU for all your prayers, they were heard and Kash is going home today earlier then expected," the alum wrote alongside a photo of Kash's older brother, 5-year-old KJ holding his injured hand.

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