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As I have written many times on this blog, in newsletters and said in workshops, for any relationship to be happy, first each party must learn how to be happy individually.

I recommend to all couples that come to me for coaching that they create and then share a list of 50 things that make each one of them happy.

Taken literally we have "hand washing liquid" - that could also describe any old liquid soap??

Then I think "disinfecting hand washing liquid" - that looks best on the fact of it.

The proposal draws heavily from statements made by the American Psychological Association and other professional medical guilds, which declare that SOCE is useless at best, and damaging at worst.

If passed, the legislation would authorize the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prosecute individuals or organizations that are involved in selling conversion therapy.

Girl: That was me back in may Girl: I've lost weight since then.

But also "disposable hand washing liquid" makes sense as it's probably the kind of small bottle you can carry around as I believe is usual for "hand sanitizer". Maybe people use the short version and everybody knows what it means??

— hippietrail (talk) , 9 January 2014 (UTC) I'm not sure how to say it concisely in English, but it means 'Project of the Memorial "Peacemaker of Moscow" '.

I didn’t have the privilege of coming out to my parents, as my internet search history gave away my sexual orientation.

It didn’t take much imagination for my sleuthing mother to connect the dots when she saw that I had Google searched “Am I gay?

Hi, I'm looking to get a Sanskrit tattoo with the phrase "May thought word and deed always be one". एकीभवति is the citation form, the basic dictionary form, which is used here only as a link to the page that will eventually be written.

I think its to do with Mansa Vacha Karmana but I don't know what the full phrase should be. एकीभवन्तु is the 3rd-person future plural imperative, so it is the one to use.

Without fail, the reaction I always get is, “It is so easy to make my partner happy, if only I had known earlier…” Life is much easier when you know the things that make you and your partner happy.

Here is a list of 30 things husbands can do to make their wives happy and 30 things wives can do to make their husbands happy. It is also a bit stereotypical, so feel free to swap items with your partner and do As you can see, there are probably as many items that can be added to these lists as there are couples in the world.

If you give the plant water, sun and air, it blossoms.

A marriage requires an equal amount of nurturing if it is to blossom.

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