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Inevitably, it makes each instrument vital while arranging, and vocally, there are some different places that we went to that I haven't done before.

He took the opportunity to thank God in his acceptance speech. Jackson: Both of my parents were raised Seventh-Day Adventists, about probably four generations on each side, Seventh-Day Adventists. I loved God, loved Jesus, but church was just an absolutely confusing concept. I thought if I can read books, if I can listen to tapes, why do I need to go? As previously reported, General Hospital Blog shared the news regarding Steve Burton leaving his role on CBS’ The Young and the Restless after only 3 years.Burton left his 21 year role as Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan in 2012, and joined Y&R as Dylan Mc Avoy in 2013.Fans were upset and angry, and many didn’t want to welcome Billy Miller (or anyone for that matter) into the role of their beloved Jason Morgan.Much to our surprise, General Hospital Blog conducted a poll, which resulted in fans choosing Billy Miller as Jason at 61%, leaving fans who chose Steve Burton to come back at a shocking 39%.LIST The Hollywood Reporter Reveals Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films Can the same be said offscreen of the cast, composed mainly of songwriters who spend their nights off in Nashville studios and on the Grand Ole Opry stage?To start, Jonathan Jackson, who plays angst-ridden rocker Avery Barkley, is releasing his fourth album with his band Enation, also featuring drummer (and brother) Richard Lee Jackson and bassist Daniel Sweatt."This is our first project as a three-piece over the last 10 years," he tells , out Oct. "The first single, ' Everything Is Possible,' is a song we've had for years, and it's always been an anthem for us — no matter how difficult or dark things get in life, keep pushing forward." Jackson chats with about releasing independent music while on a show that criticizes major labels, how he actually compares with his onscreen alias and what he's learning on set and on tour with fellow songwriter-actors Chip Esten, Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen.After acting for two seasons, how does it feel to be back in the music game?Last Thursday, Jackson, 35, revealed that he recently received an out-of-the-blue call from his cover story ("Katie Holmes: The Sweetheart of Dawson's Creek"), the rising WB star, then 19, opens up about her romantic misfortunes -- and fortunes.PHOTOS: How Katie changed during her marriage to Tom "I had really good luck this past year and I had a really wonderful, amazing experience," says the actress.

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