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And the surprises don’t end there - to make a little pocket money during his studies James used to dress as a medieval minstrel and play banquets. While James was singing his little heart out in the choir in Rotherham a future colleague was cutting his teeth in the same city - the northern town is the place which gave a young Mr Clarkson his journalistic break.

That’s not the only showbiz link the young James had - he went to school with Dean Andrews who would go on to muck about with cars, long hair and leather jackets himself in the BBC’s Life on Mars.

As well as the railway, other attempts include trying to build the world's first full-size house made entirely out of Lego bricks, creating a Plasticine garden, attempting to build a full-size model Spitfire, pitting a Scalextric car against a taxi in a 1.6-mile race through a busy town centre and building a lifesize bridge made entirely out of Meccano.

When launching the record attempt earlier this week May, whose nickname on the popular motoring show is Captain Slow, said the choice of location was no accident.

Mr Garner said the effort, was "excellent" publicity for North Devon, and particularly for hopes to reinstate the railway line between Barnstaple, Bideford and Torring-ton, as well as the Tarka Line.

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It sat on top of the existing disused railway line but the uneven tarmac caused problems.

She has made several appearances in lads mags such as Zoo Weekly.

Driven (1998–2002) Top Gear (1977 Series) (1999) Top Gear (2002 Series) (2003–2015) Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure (2006–2007) Oz and James Drink to Britain (2009) James May's Top Toys (2005) James May's Toy Stories (2009, 2011–2014) James May's 20th Century (2007) James May's Big Ideas (2008) James May's Man Lab (2010–2013) James May: The Reassembler (2016–) The Grand Tour (2016–) James Daniel May (born 16 January 1963) is a British television presenter and journalist.

“One day the three of us may do something – but it may just involve a pub and a restaurant rather than a TV programme.” • Clarkson to go ahead with live shows • Video: Jeremy Clarkson's 'last Top Gear performance' • Top Gear needs a woman, not Jeremy Clarkson The BBC remains hopeful that it can persuade the pair to continue on Top Gear, with a new presenter replacing Clarkson.

They could sign a contract at any time in the coming months.

James’ interest in transport doesn’t stop at cars - so much so in fact that in 2006 he pulled out all the stops and earned himself a pilot’s license after training at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire. May’s journalism career began with the printed word, but in 1992 his stint at Autocar came to a rather abrupt end.

Owning his very own plane is one thing, but how flash is it to have a personalised plate on your set of wings? Sick to the back teeth of putting together the Road Test Year Book our Jimmy decided to get creative and spell out a secret message, along the lines of ‘this is a pain in the arse’.

The vast majority of South African men would rather hitch a ride with Jeremy Clarkson than hit the open road with a sexy model, according to a recent survey (via za).

Three out of four male respondents in a BP Ultimate poll selected the co-host as the perfect driving companion over Jeannie D, You Magazine’s Sexiest Woman of 2011. Clarkson is the perfect target for a motor-based man-crush: he probably knows more about cars than just about anyone – and can do crazy tricks in them.

Our stint as guardians of Top Gear was a good one, but we were only part of the show’s history, not the whole of it.

Those two words are bigger than us.” The email was interpreted as a resignation letter, but Wilman said it was simply a note of thanks to the people who had worked on the show.

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