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A shoulder injury in 2012, though, limited Ellsbury to 74 games. He was healthy last season but hit only nine for the Red Sox.Still, the Yankees were sufficiently impressed with Ellsbury's overall game to give him a seven-year, 3 million contract, and his first six weeks in pinstripes have been productive, if not powerful.

"I've always had the same power as I did when I had 32.The next two years the Yankees continue the "Replica Bat Day" trend by handing out a Mark Teixeira T165 bat in 2011, and in 2012 a Curtis Granderson M110 bat. In 2013, the Yankees decide to commemorate the 1998 World Series Championship Yankees team that won 125 games.In 2014 a Jacoby Ellsbury JE47C Replica bat is issued and in 2015 a Bret Gardner 069C.A commemorative All-Star game Bat is given away, as the All-Star Game was played at Yankee stadium that year.The Yankees follow it up in 2009 when they hand out Inaugural season bats celebrating the opening of the "New" Yankee Stadium. Hit Tracker founder Greg Rybarczyk is now collaborating with the ESPN Stats & Information Group to continue tracking all MLB home runs, and helping baseball fans know "How Far It Really Went!™" Please credit any information on this site to ESPN Stats & Information Group. Welcome to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, where you can find accurate, transparently verifiable distances for every home run hit in MLB games.The Bat does not feature a Sponsor or a player endorsement.Then in 2010 the Yankees issue a Bank of America sponsored, "World Series Champions 2009" Bat Day bat commemorating the championship won by the Yankees the year before.For more information and analysis on home runs, please contact founder Greg Rybarczyk. Please also check out the ESPN MLB Scoreboard throughout the 2017 season! The Yankees have alternated wins and losses for a week now, which I guess means they’re due for a win this afternoon.

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