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Your Edge panel /feed app must specify an Edge broadcast receiver in the Android file that specifies: the type of Edge panel / feed, and a reference to essential Edge panel / feed metadata.The XML resource file referenced by your Edge app receiver's metadata defines basic aspects of the Edge panel / feed (such as its label, description, preview image, category, update interval, and an Edge configuration activity).Custom Content types help us with defining the data-structure while layouts help us define the presentation.What if these documents were to require review and approval? Considering theaforementioned you can insert an item following these steps. Company Name = company Names(customer Index) customer. Item Deleting, Address Of rdf_Item Deleting 'This example distinguishes the templates by passing a string argument for the sake of brevity rdf. ID = "tb Company Name" Add Handler t Box Company Name. To String() End Sub The logic here is similar to the above with one difference, here the Data Form Item available in the arguments is actually a Rad Data Form Insert Item. To String()))) End Sub private static readonly Random random = new Random(); static string[] contact Names = new string[] ; static string[] company Names = new string[] ; static string[] contact Titles = new string[] ; public List data Source [Serializable] public class Customer protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Updating(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Inserting(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Item Deleting(object sender, Rad Data Form Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Data Form1_Need Data Source(object sender, Rad Data Form Need Data Source Event Args e) Private Shared Read Only random As New Random() Shared contact Names As String() = New String() Shared company Names As String() = New String() Shared contact Titles As String() = New String() Public Property data Source() As List(Of Customer) Get Dim obj As Object = Session("Data Source") If obj Is Nothing Then Dim customers As New List(Of Customer)() Dim customer Index As Integer = random.[Next]() Mod 10 For i As Integer = 0 To 29 Dim customer As New Customer() customer. Contact Title = contact Titles(customer Index) customer. Item Updating, Address Of rdf_Item Updating Add Handler rdf. Instantiate In 'create some controls to show data t Box Company Name = New Text Box() t Box Company Name. Enabled = False End If lbl Contact Name = New Label() lbl Contact Name. Edge panel / feed metadata can include: How often (milliseconds) the Edge Framework will send your Edge app a request to refresh Edge panel / feed item content The actual refresh broadcast is not guaranteed to occur within the specified intervals.To conserve battery power, it is recommended that update Period Millis is greater than 1 800 000 (30 minutes).

Extract Values(new Values) Dim edited Customer As Customer = data Source.

You can create Edge Single panel apps, Edge Single Plus panel apps, and Edge Feed apps and distribute them to users.

NOTE: This section does not apply to Edge Immersive panel apps, which is covered in the Implementing an Edge Immersive Panel section.

For Edge Single Plus panels ONLY, the width of the item content area (pixels, maximum: 550) When not specified, the Edge item content area will be single-width (71 pixels wide on 640 dpi displays, 82 pixels on 560 dpi displays).

NOTE: Edge Single Plus panels cover the entire display screen and blur the main activity screen displayed below the Edge panel app title area and information area.

Grid with filtering, editing, inserting, deleting, sorting and paging. This demo shows how to implement editing and inserting data to the grid with external details dialog. The j Query Validation Plugin is used for form validation. Find how to set locale and register custom locale in the Localization section. It helps to reduce data loading time and of course necessary for large data sources. Cell content of every column can be customized with item Template, header Template, filter Template and insert Template functions specified in field config.

The API methods update Item, insert Item and delete Item allow editing from outside of the grid with ease.

The metadata XML resource file must specify a single CAUTION: All metadata strings values must specify a reference to a file containing the metadata.

Metadata strings values CANNOT be directly specified in a strings value.

Here we create custom date column with j Query UI datepicker.

If we look at our example of creating a custom Content Type for “Functional Specifications”, we could extrapolate it to many different types of documents typically used in an enterprise, e.g.

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