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6/3/17 - Iranian state media is reporting that a fire at a shopping center in southern Fars Province has injured 37 people.The IRIB broadcaster says the fire in the city of Shiraz was started by an explosion early on June 3.

In a country where premarital sex with multiple partners is increasingly common but remains culturally taboo and punishable under the law, this severe-looking, chador-clad woman was, at a glance, hardly the person in whom one might feel comfortable confiding one’s illicit activities or seeking intimate advice.Marriage Iranian Marriage Ceremony Iranian Marriage Contract Marriage contract, 1874 Iran's government tries to play matchmaker - The Economist (February 7, 2015) Can Iran 'control' its cohabiting couples?- BBC (December 9, 2014) Iran: Divorce parties take off in major cities - BBC (May 20, 2014) The Politics of Marriage in Contemporary Iran (Persian) - UCLA (October 25, 2009) The Politics of Marriage in Contemporary Iran - UCLA (October 23, 2009) Marriage and Divorce Under Iranian Family Law - UT (July 15, 2011) The cost of a divorce in Iran?6/3/17 - The Iran men's national volleyball team has started off its campaign at the 2017 Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Volleyball World League with a bitter loss to Italy.The Azzurri sealed an emphatic win in the first week of the tournament by defeating Iran 3-0 (25-22, 25-23 and 25-22) in a Pool A1 match played at the Adriatic Arena in Pesaro city, on the eastern side of central Italy.6/3/17 - Iran's presidential candidates faced no problems blasting cheerful music during campaign rallies ahead of the May 2017 elections.However, officially sanctioned concerts continue to be canceled following pressure by religious conservatives, while musicians and performers are subjected to threats and other forms of intimidation.6/3/17 - Russian, Iranian, and Turkish military experts are still working out details of the de-escalation zones they agreed to create in Syria on May 4, a Russian foreign ministry official said on Friday.Iran's government officials were involved in sex trafficking of women and girls, and some of them even forced girls into prostitution rings, a report by the State Department says. "Physical and sexual abuse and drug addiction are the primary means of coercion.Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Florida and chair of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa, issued a statement saying the report gives "further evidence of the administration's irresponsibility in pretending Iran's nuclear program exists in a vacuum.""The administration decided to negotiate with Iran exclusively on its nuclear program while ignoring Iran's other illicit activity and human rights record and is incorrectly arguing that it is only lifting nuclear related sanctions," Ros-Lehtinen said."Despite the administration's claims, the sanctions being lifted on Iran were never intended solely for its nuclear program but were also designed to address its human rights record, including human trafficking, among other issues.

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