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In view of the ever increasing technical projects in Iran, and in order to reduce the dependency of Iranian projects on foreign companies, a group of specialized engineers in the industrial projects have decided to gather the required technical force in one company to be able to execute the industrial projects by potential and effective Iranian personnel. Iranian Technical Services & Engineering Projects Co.STEP has been established with the participation ..... Clients include Kalayeh Naft (Kala Naft), Razi Metallurgy Research Center, AMA Company, Arak Petrochemical Company, Iran Khodro Co., Sadra Co., Iran Gas National Company, Tavanir Organization, Iran Power Station Industries Development, Sadid Industrial Company, Hadid Industrial Company, and Sharif University of Technology Advanced Systems Research Institute; has a reverse engineering department and a manufacturing and production department. Dorpoush (foreign trade manager); established in 1983.

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Iranians are frequent guests in our country, while Armenian citizens visit Iran rather rarely. Net represents some Armenian artifacts which are located in Iran and represent great historical and cultural value. Net - One of the sacred places is the Avarayr plain, where the battle between the Armenian forces led by Vardan Mamikonyan and the soldiers of Yazdegerd II, the sixteenth Sasanian emperor of Iran.

Engineers have a vast experience in designing , fabricating industrial complexes on turn key basis as from 1996 .

In this field they have designed, fabricated, installed & commissioned the following projects of raw material silos and factories. 2- The Kavir Kashan Cement Factory 3- Commissconig of Fars Nou Cement 4- Active partnership in the Cement plant construction at khuzistan with a capacity of 5000 tons. 5- We are also involved in the Adra Cement plant in Syria with the capacity of one million tons per year. hopes it can enhance their activities in the international cement industry projects, also utilize the expertise of Iranian experienced engineers, which would make our projects management competitive in the cement industry.

The main activity of the Company from its initial establishment date has been in the field of cement industry.

in this field they have been benefited by the valuable experience of design & consultant engineers of the company STEP CO.

The Royal messengers, chapars, would travel the long and vast roads of Achaemenian empire to deliver the Royal decrees or commands to the state rulers as well as military commanders and return with reports on the state of affairs.

The messengers would then deliver the communications to the "Chapar House", present day post office, situated along the route and the process would continue until reaching the final destination.

Another shrine is the Monastery of Saint Thaddeus, or black Church (Qare Kelisa) near Salmast in Western Atrpatakan, where, according to the legend, Apostle Thaddeus was buried.

Situated 20 km from Maku city, the church was built of volcanic stone instead of the one destroyed by the earthquake and got its name due to its black color.

The traditional role of Iranian families and local matchmakers in arranging marriages has declined in recent years, and the country has some 350 private matchmaking sites.

Clerics have lamented that many young Iranians are opting for long-term dating and informal partnerships rather than traditional marriage.

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