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Iceland is one of the most sexually liberated societies on the planet earth according to a blog on the Rooster.The blog goes on to state that by all accounts Icelanders “are more ravenous and enthusiastic about casual sex than anyone anywhere”.

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Hallgrimskirkja (and the view from the top) Walk down by the northern part of the city, enjoy views from near the water Few museums to check out Recommended day trip – Golden Circle Arriving at Keflavik International Airport, you’ll have a few options to get to the city center: 1.) Shuttle – You can find a link to the Fly Bus here which will take you directly to the BSI bus station in Reykjavik which is located roughly 15-20m walking to the city center ( one-way), or have them drop you off directly at your location where you are staying (hotel/hostel – one-way).

The author recounts the #Free The Nipple movement “when outraged feminists across Iceland, men and women alike, took to Twitter to desexualize breasts in the fight for gender equality.” and the bill currently before congress is mentioned, that would bind equal pay into law in a bid to level the professional playing field of the genders.

Another conclusion is that women are sexually empowered on the island and the author proclaims that the speculated “national Icelandic belief that women and men are equal players in the same game has directly contributed to the country’s liberal atmosphere of casual sex.

During my four months abroad I have put myself out there more times than I can count and have attended several functions as ways to meet new people.

Don’t get me wrong, I have already met some wonderful people that I can see turning into great friendships.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, the land of fire and ice, where nearly 93% of the total population resides.

The city provides the main access to other parts of the country, mostly via the only international airport on the island located just about 40 minutes from the city center.

I like to cook, I enjoy the outdoors, swimming, attending church, going out walking, I am Mistress Idelsy and I enjoy the feelings and experiences come from making your deepest, darkest fantasies come alive.

I like a lot of things, it would be to longa list to count.

Ummm yeah basically our friendship did not continue and I left that date with a need for a stiff drink.

Date 2: I have played volleyball since I was a little girl so when I moved to Iceland I thought joining a volleyball team would be a great way to meet people.

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