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WATCH: Biggest Celebrity Breakups of Summer 2015 "I was so afraid to tell anybody I was going to the wedding that even to my wife I said we're going to Justin's birthday party," Stern admitted to ET.

'In the article, I say that, as a single parent, 'I'm a mom and a dad at the same time.' And that is the case when I'm alone with our kids ...

On Katie Couric's new show "Katie" Wednesday, Klum told the anchor-turned-daytime personality that she does want to date again, and she's trying to give any new relationships a fighting chance.

"I've known him for four years, and he's been with our family for the last four years.

Fans appeared thrilled at reports the former husband and wife, who share children Leni, 12, Henry, 11, ten-year-old Johan and seven-year-old Lou, had reunited.

Taking to the comments section of Heidi's post, one user asked: 'Are you guys back together?? 'While another fan added: 'Awesome to see you two together'.

It's been three years since Klum, 42, and Seal, 52, announced their split and in that time it seems the former couple has learned how to carry on amicably post-marriage.

So much so that the supermodel and WATCH: Heidi Klum Declares Her Love for Boyfriend Vito Schnabel on His 29th Birthday "Co-parenting is very important and he is a great man," Klum told ET.

According to claims in New Idea, the 'spark's back' between the UK singer, 54, and his supermodel former flame after the pair appeared together on the red carpet.

If someone got [very sick] — god forbid — that would be a real problem. At 39, Klum has no intentions of becoming a "cougar.""I can understand why a woman finds a young man attractive, because the truth is that when men get older, their shape changes," Klum said. I don't think I could deal with waking up next to a 25-year-old."So, does her realistic view include another marraige in the future?

But it's not a real problem."Klum, who filed for divorce last April after seven years with Seal, is now dating her bodyguard Martin Kirsten — who is close to her age.

She gave birth to her daughter Helene Klum in May 2004 while she was dating Seal.

She get engaged with seal in December 2004 and married later on May 10, 2005.

and I assume the same rings true when they are with their dad.'Heidi added: 'As a single parent, you have so many roles – you are wearing all the hats.

The mom hat, the dad hat, the chef hat, the teacher hat, the disciplinarian hat, the clown hat and the work hat.

Heidi Klum was born in Bergisch-Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia of Germany to Erna and Günther Klum. It was in 1997 when she first married with Ric Pipino but could not prolong their relationship and get divorced in 2002.

After one year in 2003 she began affair with Flavio Briatore and was pregnant too but they could not retain their relation and get separated soon.

It came as a blow to Delta though, with an insider telling the publication: 'She and Seal have been quietly together for a while now'.

The source went on to claim that Delta felt she was unable to compete with Heidi because 'not only is [she] a supermodel worth millions, they also have children together'.'It's always been at the back of Delta's mind that he will fall for Heidi again,' the source added.

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