Gurbaksh chahal dating


The video provides a "grisly picture" of the attack, prosecutors said..

(She testified to this in her interviews with the cops.) I make no excuse for losing my temper.

Prosecutors told a different story in a motion seeking to rail Chahal's bail. He beat her, pulled her hair and threatened to kill her despite multiple pleas from the victim, the court documents said.

According to court documents, prosecutors said Chahal was angry when he learned his girlfriend had gone to Las Vegas with another man and cheated on him. She called 911 when he left the room, prosecutors said, and commented to investigators that when police rang the doorbell she was "saved by the bell."Police reportedly seized surveillance video from cameras inside the bedroom.

But I didn't hit her 117 times, injure her, or cause any trauma as the UCSF medical reports clearly document.

This was all overblown drama because it generates huge volumes of page views for the media given what I have accomplished in the valley.broke the news of Chahal's ouster, says that Radium One will officially announce his firing within the hour.

She called 9-11 after I told her I was going to contact her father regarding her activities. I understand, accept full responsibility and sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for that.

Chahal has maintained his innocence and said he pleaded guilty only to avoid a "witch hunt." Now, the San Francisco district attorney's office confirmed to the Business Times that it was seeking to revoke his probation, but it did not say why.

According to an investigative report cited by the Business Times, on September 17 of last year Chahal attacked a woman he was dating, kicking her repeatedly in the leg.

“Celebrities in sports, entertainment and business, and high net worth individuals in general are all potential targets,” he added.

Millionaire and CEO Gurbaksh Chalal, who was reportedly filmed beating his girlfriend 117 times, will not go to jail.

The police arrested Chahal in October, and he was set free on 0,000 bail, according to the Business Times.

In the police report about the arrest, the Business Times reports, the woman complained that Chahal grabbed her hair during an argument and once pushed her against the wall, bruising her wrist.

Chahal hired the same high profile trial lawyer defending alleged arms dealer Leland Yee as well as Sam Singer's crisis management firm.

He does not appear to have sought their advice before without a warrant.

In 2008, Oprah Winfrey filmed a glowing interview of Gurbaksh Chahal, a young ad tech entrepreneur who rose from bullied kid in the projects to an Internet mogul whose first company, Click Agent, sold for million when he was 18.

His second, Blue Lithium, sold for 0 million when he was 25. "And he's single," Oprah gushed twice over the course of a 10-minute segment, met with excited cries from the studio audience.

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