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These days, marrying cousins is sometimes frowned upon but in the UK it is perfectly legal and the British royal family have been doing it for hundreds of years in order to ensure strong alliances and allegiances.In this week's episode of the ITV drama the relationship between the cousins is strained at first, with neither overly keen to get married in accordance with their parents' wishes and Victoria expressing distaste at Albert's personality.However, in real life it doesn't seem like this was the case.

If you have chosen not to marry your partner and are concerned about your financial and property rights see A guide to living together and the law. In order to enter a legally recognised marriage the couple intending to marry must be: If any of these criteria are not met the couple will not be able to get married.Whether a marriage is legally recognised or not is very important because this can have significant consequences particularly in relation to finances and property rights.Not having a marriage which is recognised in law can leave you in a financially vulnerable position, for example you may have no claim to stay in the marital home, or no access to financial support from your spouse. The civil preliminaries – what do I have to do before I get married? The marriage ceremony Civil marriages Religious marriages What if I have only had a religious marriage? Second marriages Forced Marriages Useful contacts For a marriage to be legally recognised in England and Wales it must comply with certain legal requirements.Even if your marriage is recognised by your community or religion, it may not be a lawful marriage according to English law.To them, marrying your cousin is as weird as marrying your brother.Since we sisters have different opinions, half of us laughed at my remark, while the rest actually agreed and could relate to the western minds. This statement has always resulted in confused facial expressions every time I have said it out loud in Brisbane, Australia, even from my Australian friends and my tutors at school.Living abroad drew my attention to the fact that what we think is normal here in the UAE is not necessarily normal elsewhere in the world.He possesses every quality that could be desired to render me perfectly happy.He is so sensible, so kind, and so good, and so amiable too.

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