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Professing admiration requires something more succinct and meaningful, and that something is a small string of words that we’ll never get tired of hearing.

With over a million words in its vocabulary, the English language somehow still falls short when it comes to telling the girl at the other end of the bar that you would like to spend the rest of your life with her.

Valentine’s Day was last week and now life is back to normal.

In French, we call this « la routine » or « métro boulot dodo ».

perhaps from the Caribbean or French West Africa she will be impressed with words of love and love phrases in French.

If you are a francophile or francophone passing though, leave a comment to help us all get a better understanding of your culture.

Imagine the Even if your love is not from France or Quebec.Can you describe your new boyfriend as being too clingy? au plaisir de te lire looking forward to hearing from you 9. je suis de type plutôt casanier I’m pretty much a stay-at-home kind of guy 4. je suis ouvert à presque tout I’m open to almost anything 8.We’ve come to a point in time where dropping the L word has become boring; there are intangible concepts of romance that you can describe but can’t find a word for…even if you spend the whole day rummaging through your Webster’s Dictionary.j’adore être entourée de ma famille I like to be surrounded by my family suis une personne très sociable I’m a very sociable person 13. j’aime apprendre et échanger sur de nombreux sujets I like to learn and talk about numerous subjects 15. je recherche une relation à long terme I’m looking for a long-term relationship 17.“Avoir un coup de foudre” veut aussi dire tomber amoureux dès le premier regard Oh, but it’s normal.“to have a struck of lightning” also means “to fall in love at first sight”.Folk wisdom might say that actions speak louder than words.However, let’s admit it: we want to hear our significant others say those words meant for us, no matter how cheesy or overrated they may be.

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