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Berry College’s bald eagle couple first appeared on the main campus in the spring of 2012.

Since that time, they have continued to nest in the top of a tall pine tree situated between the main entrance and the parking lot of the Steven J. They successfully produced two eaglets (B1 and B2) in 2013, one eaglet (B3) in 2014, two eaglets (B4 and B5) in 2015 and two eaglets (B6 and B7) in 2016.

Just install a cam and allow your clients to access it in just 5 minutes. You don’t need to deploy any servers or a CDN (content delivery network) of your own if you plan to broadcast worldwide. Nearly anything can be a video source for an Ivideon feed: In the first three cases, you’ll need to install the free Ivideon Server app on your server or desktop computer — it recognizes a camera as an available device and establishes an encrypted connection to the cloud.

Implementing something of this sort does not require much in the way of sysadmin sorcery, and most employees will definitely find it enormously useful.

Get an up-close look at the delicate sea nettles in our Open Sea exhibit.

Watch our sea nettles as their long tentacles and lacey mouth-arms move smoothly through the water.

But don't let these unassuming invertebrates fool you—their graceful trailing parts are covered in stinging cells used for hunting.

They have occasionally been sighted at or near the nest during the summer, probably to ensure that other animals know it is occupied.Nor do you need to buy or install streaming software, or provide full support for the streaming service. Ivideon Server is available for all major platforms — Windows, Linux, and OS X.In the fourth case, you don’t even need a computer to run the Ivideon Server.When he first came to us, he was pretty down and out, but after rehydration and some pain medications, he perked right up.The day after he came in, we took radiographs (x-rays) of him and found that he has a broken pelvis, but didn’t see any other issues on the images.The finder brought him to a raptor rehabilitator, who then transferred the hawk to us for medical treatment.On radiographs (x-rays), it appears that this little guy has a fractured major metacarpal (bone associated with the wrist).The prey is moved to the mouth-arms and then to the mouth, where it's digested.Scientists have used the bioluminescent proteins from crystal jellies to find and study genes, and even to create special mice that glow green.There are cams for indoors and outdoors use available, with a variety of Internet connection options—cable, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G.It goes without saying that Ivideon is a private video surveillance service first and foremost.

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